You are the magic.

hannahthirst_34 Today with an overwhelmingly full heart, I officially closed my Magic Making Circle with a Sunday Blessing. Sunday blessings have been part of my circles for almost 2 years now and have become one of my favorite pieces of writing and sharing with my circles.

I made a video for them and want to share it with all of you too. You are magic.

Will there be another round of Magic Making Circle? Yes. There will. Registration will open in January of 2015 and you can add your name to a list to be one of the first to know about it. (Spaces are limited.)

In November, December, January and February I will be leading a Business Magic Making Circle with 20 alumni of the past circles. I love to create just what the women need for what we call "Phase Two" of the circle. It is always more intense and focused. This year I had this crazy idea to co-create the content of the Business Circle with the women. I am so nervous and joyful about how this will come together, I promise to share more as it unfolds.

On Saturday I will be packing up the mini-van to drive to Maine and start setting up the celebration retreat for 25 of the women from Magic Making Circle, one woman coming all the way from Scotland. There will be cabins in the woods, a lake with kayaks and canoes, fire pits, twinkle lights and all the little magic that myself and my team have been preparing. And tomato soup. Have I mentioned I am making homemade tomato soup for 25 with freshly roasted tomatoes? I am pretty sure my whole food budget went into that soup pot!

It is always the details that make the magic. The details that take hours preparing are the fairy dust sprinkled, transforming a gathering into a soul-changing experience.

I will be spending this week in details, it is my love language.

I want to say thank you to my circle of 60 women who have journeyed together for half a year. We are a mixture of sad to say good-bye and blissful at the changes happening within each of us. I will be asking some of the women to share some words and photos here on my blog in the coming months. I want to capture their faces and joys for you because they are the greatest inspiration I know.

Happy Sunday. Sat Nam.

Today we bless what we shall be, what we will vibrate with and what we choose each morning. Our blessings come from us, they start with us. We are blessings of magic and joy. Today I bless our circle, our time together, our soulwork and all that is becoming.

(Hand photo by the beautiful Ruth Clark)