I hear...

...an echo of surrender in all of my groups right now.

My stories of surrender are many. Most recently I have been finding myself in a transformation, the work I do shifting, begging for more clarity and, oh, have I pushed against this change. It can feel fierce and scary. Even when we love what we are doing there can be a push against. That is the thing about surrender, we don't just melt into it, it is a process we learn to flow through.

Clarity is scary for me. I have been in the process of surrendering to the transformation I find myself in and as I accept this I feel clarity presenting itself. I find support around me.

Every time I watch my three year old throw a tantrum I know that a moment will come when he surrenders, when his tears dry and he takes those deep breaths that mean he is coming out of the fight. I watch him, without words as his body becomes lighter and he feels the truth of where he is. Then the moment of change comes, he laughs or asks a question. He gets up and moves around. Acceptance and change.


Let's journey there together and explore this process of surrender into change. I'm so excited to announce Making Space for Surrender, a group program for women who desire support and inspiration around making joyful changes in their lives.

Please join us in this beautiful and gentle program, a gift to yourself, a blessing to your life.