Sponsor Tribe Love - Welcome Bee Ventures

I set an intention of creating a tribe of women who believed in each other, held space to support each other and who I would love to go have tea with and sit and talk for hours.

Sponsor Tribe Love is a way to share unique businesses and skills from some of this tribe with you. I have so much gratitude for their support.

Meet Christyna Lewis. We connected in the first Joy Up and I am thrilled to have her message on Mama Space. I know many of you are making 2012 the year you develop a loving relationship with your finances, and here is a woman who can help. This is joy.

Christyna is also the first guest for the Mamacoach Circle live calls! (And a huge thank you for the generous giveaway from Christyna, this is something that can change your life.)

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I am a compassionate and intuitive financial coach. I am a gardener, Reiki healer, bicyclist, wife. I culture vegetables. I have studied non-violent communication for 10 years. I ran Houston's local organic vegetable co-op, growing with it to serve over 260 families per week & seeing it become a quarter of a million dollar business. I am unabashedly optimistic.

My passion is empowerment, especially financial empowerment. I believe that everyone can have peace and ease in their financial life, even- no, especially- creative, vibrant, heart-forward idealists, nurturers, and healers! The amount of money in your bank accounts matters much less than knowing you are using (or saving) your money as an expression of your unique values and principles. Juliet Schor cites a study in  "The Overspent American" showing that most Americans feel they need about 10% more money to be comfortable. This study was in the 90s, but  this "just 10% more" held true whether the person had an income of $20,000 or $200,000. The amount of money clearly isn't the driving factor in these people's experience of lack- how we handle and relate to money is. What if you could find 'enoughness' right where you are, right now?

That's where BEE Ventures comes in.  For the past four years, I have been creating a safe space, without judgements or shame, for my clients to be with their finances, just as they are now. Many are for the first time really cutting through their fear and worry to see the naked facts. From that strong foundation in a true financial picture, I teach simple techniques and habits (techniques designed for creatives, not accountants) for my clients to grow step-by-step, let go of worry, late fees, fear, and overdraft penalties.

Choosing authentically. Experiencing peace. Clearing the way for JOY.

This is what drives me to my work as a financial coach. This is why I am so grateful and proud to be a member of Hannah's tribe.

On a Saturday afternoon what can you be found doing that brings you joy?

It's terribly domestic, but a joyful Saturday afternoon this time of year consists of shopping the farmers market with my Mister (oh the greens! Winter is a time of abundance in Houston). Then we clean the kitchen; maybe take a friend her share of our latest community pickle. Taking care of us and our house at a leisurely pace, really savoring the time together, that is joyful. Our Saturday evening is often a bike ride through the neighborhood.

What comes to mind when you hear the word passion?

A bright swirl of pinks and oranges. Laughter. The sparkle in my glass at dinner with friends.The smell of fresh berries.

It's a collage of activities- Eric cleaning up the local creek, my mom's face when she is talking about Guatemala, Mike explaining the new dish he's just made, Stacey sharing a new insight into compost. The earnestness and wonder of most TED talks.

Passion is when we let that warm sparkle that is inside each of us, when we let that shine through.

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Today's giveaway is for two 40-minute Focus Sessions (this is for anyone, anywhere). You can use them for detangling confusions, or planning for success in 2012, setting spending priorities, coping with sudden increase in income (yes, REALLY) or just whatever is on your mind.  

To enter leave a comment and tell us what the support of a financial coach would open up in your life.