Wild Sisters + Rachel Cole + Other loves

Wild Sister #7 is here. It is about New Beginnings and I'm hearing from some of you that it is the best issue yet! I write about my three words this year, Ritual, Truth and Magic.

You can get your copy here and if you missed the last issues there is a bundle of 6 being sold for one low price.



If you know me, you know I adore this woman. I was with her on the Roots of She Autumn Tribe and she wrote a beautiful piece for the Holiday Joy Up. Rachel is coming to Providence!!! February 26th.

The details of the Well-Fed Woman Retreats are here.



  • This quote one of the women in the joy up posted for us, "When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her."~Adrienne Rich
  • Every time Heather from Mogul Mom posts on FB she is filled with such joy for the year ahead. Her latest, "butterflies. butterflies. butterflies." This is contagious. Imagine feeling this way about your life each day. Go for that.
  • That I know what the next theme will be for The Joy Up coming in April. Gonna be good. Love clarity. The last two have made my heart swell.
  • The comments from this giveaway are incredible. Grab a cup of tea and see how everyone is making space.
  • I opened up my email and found a Sacred Mountain Reading from the gifted and gracious Daniel Collinsworth. The first words, "A rite of passage marks a time of some momentous change in life.  If you have drawn this card, you are being asked to make note of the growth and change that is occurring because it will shape your future." Why yes. I'll sit with that.
  • This from Susannah. Beautiful.
  • Everything Michelle. Especially this.
  • Sitting at night and watching my three goldfish swim around in their beautiful new, huge glass bowl.
  • Chloe's (my nine year old) new short hair cut. I'm totally going to follow and do the same.
  • The moment after the sleep filled tantrum when sleep comes back to the little one. Sigh. Sick baby, there will be more. This moment is the recharge.
  • The most beautiful note I received from a friend helping guide me to the beauty inside of being in the truth. One of the most beautiful gifts, she gave me permission to be quiet.
  • The ease into which I can snuggle into Patrick's body, 18 years later.
  • How peaceful my home is after all are asleep and I sit in the dark, lit only with candles, and connect back to me.
  • All of you, for being here. For sharing this space. For the incredible magic that you bring to all that is around you.

Want to share something you are loving?