For the solstice

There are times when everything hurts. Sadness from the past re-surfaces and tears are fought back. Thoughts feel heavy and no bite of food seems to fill us.

I am emerging. In the lightness of letting the tears go. Of having the conversations that for weeks hold fear, and in moments of speaking the words, dissolve into a sigh. I did it. I feel the ease.

I am emerging as the longest day of my year comes to greet me. There will be butternut squash soup and grilled cheese as a late night party, a few presents will be exchanged. A small table with candles and treats will be waiting.

A sparkle I feel inside, that hasn't been around for a while, crept back in, my energy soared. Thoughts focused on the possibilities.  Some downward dogs were practiced and my gift to myself of a clean home and a bed frame for my mattress came true. The bed looks beautiful. The house is almost there.

I am emerging in time for the change of season. I am emerging with the season. Winter holds a beauty that I understand.

There will be times when everything hurts. Stillness and tears and rants will wash them away. We emerge with our tickle and shine brighter than before.

Our longest days are not in the hours we spend asleep and awake. Our longest days are those where our sadness seems to have no end. When heartbreak and confusion mix leaving us wanting bedtime only to find ourselves unable to rest.

Our solstice comes as we stop resisting and just take the time to be with it. Feel it. Surround ourselves with it.

The solstice is our transition into our brilliance, the next shift into the butterflies fluttering on our head life. This is our emerging.

And it will spiral back around and once again, there will be days when everything hurts.

Feel it. Trust it. Honor the power in this time of transition and start now with the pleasure of the new.

You have got to feel it baby, to understand why. Release it. Then emerge.

Happy Solstice. Welcome Winter (Summer for some).

*** *** ***

The Making Space Cleanse will begin January 22nd. 10 days of making space in our homes, our thoughts and our relationships and then moving  into 10 days of adding in foods (and eliminating just a few) to make our bodies soar and our sparkle shine oh so bright. You will be part of the magic of honoring your sacred spaces and uniting with other women who are ready to make space to feel their radiance. Registration begins soon. Mark your calendars.