Can you disconnect? A challenge.

Yes, I run an online business. I connect to my clients and people I love through the virtual world. And I need to take a little break. My partner Michelle is encouraging our women over on Mamacoach Circle to schedule their time off. My husband knows his days off.

But the truth is, it scares me just a little bit to disconnect, fully, from the online world and be present fully in the offline world. (I'm being honest here.)

So when Tara Wagner was chatting it up with Erin Goodman and her tribe on FB the other day, I asked Tara (her post on this is here) if she thought she could fully take time away even from her business. And we started talking and made a little video of us throwing around some ideas, which turns into a challenge.

Are you willing to join the Holiday Reset Challenge and declare the days you will disconnect from your virtual world? Tara and I declare ours and we make a little fun of ourselves as well.

If you wish to declare your own time away from the screens and be fully present to the holidays and your celebrations and stillness, leave your specific time commitment in the comments for all of us to see. This is your own virtual support system. Let's do this together.

If you would like to join our challenge and spread the word feel free to grab the code for that little picture up top and add it to your post or your blog.

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