Sponsor Tribe Highlights ~ Morning Ritual

I asked my tribe of sponsors what rituals they have in the morning to ground them and allow them to step into their day with ease. Enjoy some inspiration for encouraging your own gentle mornings.

(And congrats to Faith Barr for winning Tory's raw chocolate bracelet box. Oh yes!)



From Christie Halmick:

"Morning rituals: hugging my girls tight, sipping a cup of coffee or tea, making my bed, taking a walk with my husband and our dog, Libby, and emptying out the dishwasher."


From Erin Goodman:

"Every morning you will find me in my yoga studio (ahem...also known as our upstairs hallway) doing Sun Salutations, which can vary from a simple prayer breath to a full expression of postures.
It is only this past year that I started giving myself this daily gift. My yoga practice used to be catch-as-catch-can or only on the days I go to the studio, with my focus too often being on the lack of yoga space in our house and the busyness of my life that doesn't allow for yoga.
One day this past year when I was going through a particularly challenging stretch of days, I decided I would just do it. Show up every day. Rain. Shine. Peace. Chaos. And spend a few minutes centering and breathing and welcoming the day.

From Tory Marsh:

"When I wake up, even before I get out of bed, I repeat a mantra to myself: "I am happy. I am healthy. I am wealthy." After this, I focus on the big picture of where my life is going... visualize my goals coming true, the life I want to live, the feelings I want to have, the way I want my life to be. I focus on happiness. I focus on feeling great. I focus on feeling fulfilled. I focus on adventure and opportunity. So, when I get out of bed I am excited to see what the day will bring."

 From Jen Lashua:

"My morning ritual to keep me going & grounded is, tea. 

Honestly making a cup of tea brings me back to that single present moment, even when utter chaos erupts around me. I can actually be present for that moment, to fill my breath and belly with the steam and aromas from the cup, they fill me up... Sip by sip, enjoying the peace it brings to me. Tea, helps me be more grounded in my day."