Your Guide

Last year my guiding word was joy. I thought that I was going on a personal journey into healing the parts of my life that were in pain and working through the stories of my past that held me in the stuck position.

Joy had bigger plans. She has been my visitor this past year and presented me with many gifts. It felt as though she chose me, wrapped her 3 beautiful letters around my heart and opened my eyes to being present, living inside of passion and letting go of what wasn't working. A gift of living from the heart space.

:: I learned that her entry point was pleasure, allowing the body and mind to be in the moment, immersed in feeling.

:: She showed me that my work, my joy, is to hold space for you to learn that you are enough. The Joy Up was born, and The Holiday Joy Up followed. And just wait for what is next!

:: Joy taught me that when you feel full and loved abundance appears and magic shows up. From joy into magic.

Magic is our silent blessings appearing before us. Magic is really connecting to that moment when you plug in the Christmas lights, catching your breath at the simple beauty.

And so joy has led me to dreaming of magic. This year I will be guided by that simple, powerful word.

The guiding word replaces the resolutions, goals, plans. A guiding word is what you look to when you feel lost, uncertain how to move forward. A guiding word puts action into your world, it lights the fire under your purpose. A guiding word is a gift to yourself for the New Year.

The first thing I did under the guide of magic, was to create a sacred space in the attic that I have been dreaming of remodeling into a useable suite for 7 years. While I save up to create this space that will double our living space and give me a bedroom, an office and mediation area, I am discovering and using its magic.

Twinkly lights, a space heater, some pillows, candles, and behind me a few special toys for the kids and a desk for me. Magic. Yes, unfinished and raw, damn cold, but magic. Now.

Thank you joy for leading me here.

I invite you to share your guiding word over here this morning. You may be inspired by what others are choosing and claiming for the year ahead.


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