Squeeze Out Winter :: Cleanse Time

It's time! The Ulitmate Cleanse for Women with Busy Lives is filling up and we want you in our group. This cleanse is 10 Days with a week of preparation before hand. You can ask questions and do your shopping all while being inspired by this incredible online group of women.

Women who were with us for the first cleanse are still coming back each season to squeeze themselves out.

Here are some of the words from the last group of cleansers:

"I had no idea that the effects of poor eating went beyond a few extra pounds and a bloated belly. I now realize that what I eat has a profound effect on my emotional well-being as well. I (and my family) cannot thank Hannah and all of you enough for the guidance and support to get me here!"

"This cleanse has really helped me jump start my self-care.  I am not as crabby as I was before and I have energy to tackle decluttering my kitchen, my house.  The kitchen is hard to organize and I know it will be a process, but it already feels better."

"I don't know how much weight I lost because I don't weigh myself, but I definitely feel lighter and my clothes fit better. It's amazing to not feel like there is not a ton of bricks in my stomach.  I know now how to check in with my body and seeing how different foods make me feel."

"The results I have had, include, having energy without the caffeine and my face has started to clear up (I have been having major breakout issues over the last couple months)."

"Feeling really grateful for what I have learned during this cleanse, for all of you giving me inspiration and being a sounding board, and most of all learning I really can do it!"

"This cleanse got  me closer to how I want to eat EVERYDAY."

"I was thrilled on this cleanse with the amount of food I was able to eat, while still feeling like my body was really detoxing."

"I feel that the cleanse has been a positive experience for me.  I realize how much I eat due to stress , being at home with two boys, etc.  I really did not feel very hungry during the cleanse so I don't need all the extra food I was eating.    I think all the processed foods, sugar, and salt also had me craving more than I needed to have, too."

"Thanks Hannah for all your words of wisdom and encouragement.  Thank you everyone for all your emails sharing your stories and support."

"After all the worry about cutting out foods, I have chosen to continue the cleanse way of life as closely as I can until the next one. I have not felt this good in YEARS! "

"Thanks for all of the amazing support, Hannah. Fellow cleansers, you rock! What an inspiration. I'm already looking forward to the next cleanse :)"

"Hannah THANK YOU for your guidance!  After I got your email yesterday morning I went and poured my kombucha in a champagne glass.  I think I will have it that way from now on. (it really does taste a little like champagne!)"

"I have also realized lately (and maybe I said it before) that coffee makes me completely unstable, so NO more!  We have a hectic schedule and I thought the highs and lows through the day just came along with that but I'm realizing that is not necessarily the case.  Without the coffee it is so much easier!  I still have my moments, but today I went through a hectic 9 to 5 with the kids and walked in my door at 5 feeling like I needed a little quiet, but relatively calm!  Alleluia!  I've also lost about 4 lbs. which I am pleased about and would like to keep going!!"

"I came along slower than the rest - I think I had a lot of bad stuff to get out - but I am happy to report that I have so much energy and I am sleeping so well! And I really do feel steady during the day, without all the afternoon fatigue. It has helped me to be more present as a mom during the day and I'm getting more done than I was. I, too, did the fall cleanse and then fell off the wagon during the holidays and it was really a struggle days 1-7. I don't want to lose this feeling or momentum so I'm sticking to it as much as possible."

"I lost about 3-4 pounds and I made it through the cleanse without one major sugar slip-up so I got my giddy moment!  Congratulations to everyone! I'll miss the emails....."

"As a single mom I am always struggling for time and I used to stress over a healthy dinner, workout time, sending a good message about food to my daughter. Well this cleanse which I thought for sure would be harder than it was for me, did it."


Still here? Get over to the registration page and join us! It's affordable and oh-so-do-able. Can't wait for you to feel the results from this cleanse.