My Favorite Things Winners

Thank you to everyone who left a comment this past week. I had a blast with the giveaways and felt like I was unwrapping a gift each time I looked to see who's name the random number generator picked! So much gratitude to the community of women who leave comments and share their voice on Mama Space. My heart is swelling with joy being able to connect with all of you. Cape, Crown and Wand - Susan G ~These are amazing! I always feel so YUCKY when I walk into the toy store and the pretend clothes are these awful, plastic, sprayed with chemical creations handing on the rack. This is a great idea Lynne. Every home should have a cape!

Little Bird Herbs - Jennifer ~Last night the moon was just a sliver. I cannot wait to see it develop into a full winter solstice moon these next few weeks.

Holiday Cheer Tea - Beth P~I look forward to reading your blogs! I will check out the other ones. Thanks for the fun week! Love you!

Spot In January's Power Cleanse - Angela~This is a great list! I have been looking for BPA-free canned beans. I definitely enjoy kales and collards-can’t get the South out of me apparently. Thanks for sharing.

Power Thought Cards - Nicole~I like the idea of “I have all the time I need.” I rarely feel that way – always so rushed with so many things to do at once. But truly very little of it is actually an emergency. Thank you again for a reminder to slow down!

Gluten-Free Almond Flour - Michelle E~Michelle ellis I’ve started making muffins with almond flour, but sure could use some more inspiration! I enjoy reading Elana’s Pantry & would love her book! One of my favorite things is – so great for a laugh!

Blendtec - Donna E~I would love a Blendtec. It would be life changing for me. I would start every day with a healthy smoothie consisting of kale, almond milk, frozen banana, blueberries and strawberries. The creativity would be never ending with this machine!