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$5 Teleclass... January's Resolutions Approach

From the end of October until the first of the year time seems to speed up. It's Holiday time and before we know it the champagne toast on New Year's Eve finds some of us stepping on the scale a few pounds heavier. Before I shifted my health and that of my family, I would actually not fit into my jeans after the Holiday eating. (That would spiral into my seasonal yo-yo dieting.) I have learned ways to celebrate without binging, moderation is a friendly word and I do a lot of the cooking so that I have something I can eat nearby.

We all know someone (or are someone) who is struggling with their health, weight or seasonal depression. Are they waiting for the magic pill, the New Year's Resolutions or next year to get healthy? Are you ready to change your life and the health of your family? Would you like support and accountability?

Join me for a teleclass discussing changing your patterns and habits through simple steps and accountability. We'll talk about goal setting, how we do it and why we do it. You'll have a chance to hear from people who have changed their lives or are in the process of getting to their ideal selves. We will talk about accountability and it's importance in creating positive change. I'll tell you about an upcoming group program that can bring your health to the next level.

Join me in your p.j.'s from the comfort of your home. Get some Holiday Inspiration from others who are ready to make a change!!! Make 2010 resolutions into goals that work. Your time is now...and it's simple.

Pass this newsletter on to the people in your life that need support and encouragement.

Holiday Resolution Teleclass
Wednesday, January 6th

Send me an e-mail to register for the class and then I will send you the conference number.