Real Mama Eats Eggs For Breakfast

Chloe and I have been taking pictures of ourselves together since she was little.

I was inspired by a post on a beautiful blog I read almost every day. She asked for a bit of a conversation to help with her situation of her daughter wanting some privacy and not wanting to be written about on her blog. I thought it was a good time for her to focus more on sharing herself. So I am taking my own advise a bit (not that my kids mind being blogged about for now) and I will try to add more of myself to the blog.

I have been feeling a bit selfish lately. Starting to have some real work time has filled me deeply inside. I love going to the office, meeting with my amazing clients and getting lots and lots accomplished. I struggle when I am home with the feelings of "things" never being over. I sweep, the floor is instantly dirty. I pick up the toys, they are all over the house again. I remove the toys and my kitchen drawers get ransacked and become creative play. I love all this as it means I have a busy and fun family but sometimes it exhausts me. My work on myself has been trying to find my calm amidst the chaos. More often than not I do.

I am curious as to why when I feel this way I define it as selfish?

In my work with my clients we figure out what needs to be focused on and then we set goals. I know that I need to include the kids in daily maintenance of the house. Part of that means that I must be more consistent with them. I crave more rituals in our house and daily life. I am looking for a rhythm we can all feel satisfied with.

This was Thanksgiving day and Eli had an arrow drawn on his head. (photo and arrow art work by Chloe)

One thing that is consistent in my life is my three eggs for breakfast or brunch over greens. I eat pastured eggs which means that the chicken have been out eating grass and bugs and that the nutritional content of the eggs is perfect. It is my dream to have my own chicken. These eggs over greens will not harm my cholesterol or make me fat. These eggs give me energy and protein to nurse my little guy, drive kids to school, cook meals, walk dogs, work, play...nourish!

Three Eggs Over Garlic and Ginger Greens

Cook eggs in olive or coconut oil until the whites are firm and the inside runny!

Greens of any kind, chopped 1/4 cup water 1 TB olive oil 1 clove minced garlic 1 TB minced ginger 2 t tamari soy 1 t honey pinch of cayenne fresh squeezed lemon

Add all of the ingredients into a pan and water saute until the greens are soft. Serve eggs over the top.