Saying Good-bye to 2009

What I Have Learned This Year (From my e-newsletter)

I thought it would be fun to share my top ten lessons from the year. With small children, the lessons are always changing and always valuable.

I'd love to hear some of yours and share them. If you would like to send one of your lessons from the year and share it with others, send me an e-mail.

1. Cereal is an appetizer. Put nuts or cheese sticks in your purse because when you get in the car on the way to school, the words, "I'm hungry" are sure to be heard.

2. Wake up to a clean house every morning. This is the difference between a crabby mother and a functioning mother.

3. You can give up lots of things, but not sleep. See reason number 2.

4. Schedule time for your relationship. A happy home starts with happy parents.

5. Good conditioner is as important as a great haircut. I'm partial to the Trader Joe's conditioner and my hair is sad without it.

6. Dark greens give you more energy than a cup of coffee. You knew I had to mention greens! These things are like a shot of energy. Low energy? Go steam some broccoli.

7. Children are mini recordings of us. Sometimes they get it a bit confused, like when Eli said, "crap-it" after dropping and breaking glass. (I know what I need to work on)!!!

8. Start living as the person you want to be. When I decided earlier this year that I didn't want to get sick anymore (colds, flus, stomach bugs, etc) I have lived every day as someone who doesn't get sick. And I haven't! All my decisions are based on being that person.

9. Affirmations can change your life. I live in a small space with active children. When I feel challenged for space I say "my home provides all the space I need" and suddenly my perspective and reality changes. I get rid of some clutter, simplify a closet, donate some clothes and space opens up.

10. Feel the fear and do it anyway. My life has changed this last year by taking risks and putting myself out there. It has happened with the children also. Chloe started a new school in October and had to adjust to a teacher and class full of new kids. Every day she felt the fear, but she did it.

When you feel stuck think of one place to challenge yourself, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Happy Holidays to you all and thank you for reading my words, trying the recipes and supporting the work I do. To my friends and family who have supported and encouraged me, thank you more than I can say!