Build Your Tribe Tuesday - Creative juices flowing

Inspiration hits.

You are giddy from the rush of ideas.

You go from not knowing what to do into having 12 ideas.

How do you start, there is so much to sort through, to plan out.

Claiming one of those ideas and riding it, going inside and looking at it from the finale to the moment the curtain is raised. Why this? Because you can't not do it. This is the one for now.

Look at your tribe, the one that you are building doing it joyfully. What are they ready for, asking for? Is this the one that will start to gather your tribe in your circle?

The other 11 beautiful ideas also need a place to go while you are diving into your one big project. A document, a folder, a file. Give them a home to slowly grow and be nurtured when inspiration hits. Often the one project needs more and one of these others may end up providing inspiration and information. Don't get lost in the 12 ideas, your tribe won't find you there.

When your juices are flowing, make space for them. Capture them all. Give them a home.

Build one, take it on the adventure your mind is creating for it, ride it, nurture it, see where it is taking you.

This one thing, this creative moment inside of clarity, this just may become what you have been waiting to discover inside of you all along.