Picture Thoughts - Colors of Stillness

Red = My passion, love, divine self love. Sitting in stillness before my altar, breathing in the meditation. Knowing that this moment of stillness is the reason I can move through the day in fullness, in simplicity. In true completion.

Purple = My spirit, my goddess energy, the depth of abundance. That moment before you take a bite. The whisper of gratitude. The longing to be truly nourished not just filled. The long table full of nothing else. And the smell, yes, the smell.

White = The sparkle of joy's presence, her dance, the wings of intention. I ask her often, Joy, if I am on the right path. If I am able to trust in the next steps, in the stillness that must arise before the movement. She usually whispers that I should start by tackling the stillness of the dirty dishes and let the rest fall perfectly into place.

Blue-green = The stillness, thoughts surrounded by silence, intuition's voice. That moment when your gut is telling you something isn't right, and you listen, you find a way to change, push past fear, say no. Or hell yeah. Into feeling the stillness of the so-right.