Picture Thoughts - Colors of Stillness

Red = My passion, love, divine self love. Sitting in stillness before my altar, breathing in the meditation. Knowing that this moment of stillness is the reason I can move through the day in fullness, in simplicity. In true completion.

Purple = My spirit, my goddess energy, the depth of abundance. That moment before you take a bite. The whisper of gratitude. The longing to be truly nourished not just filled. The long table full of nothing else. And the smell, yes, the smell.

White = The sparkle of joy's presence, her dance, the wings of intention. I ask her often, Joy, if I am on the right path. If I am able to trust in the next steps, in the stillness that must arise before the movement. She usually whispers that I should start by tackling the stillness of the dirty dishes and let the rest fall perfectly into place.

Blue-green = The stillness, thoughts surrounded by silence, intuition's voice. That moment when your gut is telling you something isn't right, and you listen, you find a way to change, push past fear, say no. Or hell yeah. Into feeling the stillness of the so-right.

Picture Thoughts

She couldn't fit in the box, so she found a way to fit in the picture. That's the kind of thinking that we all need to use.

"What are you making?" "A turnip gratin." "But those are radishes." "No, they are red turnips." "Are you sure, I am pretty sure they are radishes." I love that he cares enough to question them.

There is the fighting and the sibling stuff that feels all too familiar. And then this moment. Tucked inside the others.

My new favorite lunch is pea shoots, cucumbers, cashews and raw cheddar. With some olive oil and lemon. A cup of tea. Quiet.

I can't be the only one who chases around a hot cup of tea until it becomes cold. I always feel so happy when I find it.

Because everyone needs to love themselves up a bit more than they already are. Today in your gratitude be sure to include YOU.