Seeking. The Awakening Woman Series.

"When you separate from your body, you also separate from the emotional, intuitive life of the body.

Your inner knowing. Your Yin.

Which is the voice of your freaking soul.

What women are seeking when they go to places like Mama Gena’s or The S Factor isn’t to learn how to please a man – any newsstand is loaded with magazines that promise to teach you how to do that — but to please themselves. They seek an ease and comfort inside their own skin, a release of authentic sensuality — their ‘erotic creature’ — in a way that they can integrate with the rest of their lives.

They are seeking wholeness." ~ Justine Musk, storytelling, soul + the power of the erotic

As I am gathering my heart power to launch this series, Justine is sharing the words that made me sure we had just walked on the beach together for hours talking about this seeking. I want us to bravely flow into the awakening that finds us and demands that we peel our layers.


The Nu Project (link will open to gorgeous female nudity)

I have been practicing self portraits now for almost a year. I remember the first time I took a picture of my belly, I was freaking out. And then I found such softness in letting myself really look at me, at the one place I have kept covered up and felt ashamed of for so long.

I have had a dream of creating a book much like this. I love that women are awakening inside of the truth of their beauty.

My belly is one of my favorite parts of myself now. This was an investment of my time and energy allowing the camera to show me, me. I love exploring self portraits of all parts of myself. I feel closer to the divine that is born inside, the one in all of us.

Deeply emotional beings, the feminine.


The Awakening Woman

After this post, my inbox filled with stories from women about their own awakenings. Stories about living inside of the layers of shame, the pain inside of their own bodies. I was hearing the moments they felt themselves start to free from their old stories of fear. The moments when they started to feel alive in their sexual/sensual power.

I felt hungry for more of these stories, to break through and touch the vulnerable.


Seeking. The Awakening Woman Series.

Featuring women I adore who are seeking their awakening, unwrapping their sensual selves. Stories of vulnerability, raw femine power and a coming out of sensual energy.

And it will be scary.

And it will be heart-lovingly real.

And so it will be.

Coming soon...