{Living It} with Martha Chabinsky

Women living in their joy and guided by their passions are the inspiration behind this series of interviews. Let their joy inspire you towards yours.


I met Martha when I was newly pregnant with Chloe, over 8 years ago. Nervously, I signed up for a pre-natal yoga class and instantly fell in love with Martha and her way of teaching. I remember standing in tree pose, so strong and balanced, full of confidence that I was going to be able to handle anything labor threw at me! You will see Martha is clearly a woman guided by her passion and is so truly living in her joy.

Hannah Marcotti:  Martha, can you tell us a bit about your teaching and the growth of your yoga practice?

I have been practicing meditation for more than 35 years, yoga for more than 15 years and as a Certified Kripalu and Certified Prenatal Yoga teacher, I have been teaching yoga for over 7 Years. I am a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and am currently enrolled in the 500-hour professional level training at Kripalu. I take courses and workshops through out the year for my personal growth and my evolution as a yoga teacher.  I am a Therapeutic Touch practitioner and trained in Guided Imagery and include these modalities in my teaching. I write a monthly email newsletter (e-mail her at mbchabinsky@comcast.net to sign up), create practice CDs, teach specialized workshops for students, labor & childbirth education instructors, and the general public. I teach 8 classes a week, and have been consistently since my certification. The postnatal class began in 2000 at the request of my prenatal students.

HM:  Tell us about your children and where you find joy.

MC: I have three sons, Gabriel, 41, Trevor 38 and Jordan 32...4 grandchildren....native New Englander. My greatest joy comes from teaching yoga, gardening, knitting, creating art, placing and supporting AFS exchange students, and living my life to the fullest, with no opportunity wasted.

Hannah Marcotti:  How do you make living in your joy a daily practice?

MC: Teaching yoga fills my soul with peace. A witness to the evolution of my students is the greatest joy!

HM:  Where are you when you feel the most at peace?

MC: At the ocean...the blue goddess...the salty fluid of life swirling all around me. Her abundance and power is so clear and beautiful. It helps to be listening to La Boheme and perhaps having a glass of wine!

HM:  In the kitchen, what food are you preparing to bring you power and energy?

MC:  When I make a meal for my family, I feel that I am feeding their souls. I like to take my time preparing the food, stirring in love and peace. Soup is the best, because I am cutting up vegetables and mixing in herbs...the fruit of the goddess. What could be better!?

HM:  Challenges arise, what do you do to bring yourself back to balance?

MC: First I must do a Yoga practice, including meditation. I feel whole and complete and at peace when I take time for myself. Then I can face anything. Getting centered and clearing my mind of all the reactions helps me to see that everything changes...eventually. That everything is ok just the way it is, including me.

HM:  What made you smile today?

MC: Having my Slovakian son visiting...I am such a mother, that when all my sons are with me I feel complete.

HM:  The outfit that you put on that makes you feel so YOU is?

MC:  Any pants that make me feel/look taller...that is they are quite long and I wear Dansco shoes and a tank top. I feel strong and aware when I feel taller...I think I was an Amazon in a past life!

HM:  What is your philosophy of teaching?

MC: My intention is to create an opportunity for students to experience wholeness, inner peace and a sense of harmony in their daily lives on the mat. Quite simply, then, this experience on the mat is gradually transferred to life off the mat, and intuition becomes a guiding presence in their lives.