Meet me at the dream.

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The kids aren't sure who to trust. Me. Or the rest of the world.

When they blow out their birthday candles I tell them that a wish and a dream have a greater chance of coming true the more people you tell.

Conventional wisdom tells them to keep their wishes secret.

I like to conspire with the Universe and with as many humans as I can. Meet me at the dream and it will grow. Meet me at the dream and together we can believe in it, nurture it, give it sparks of possibility.

I am new.

I've been saying this since I decided to release alcohol back in April of 2018.

I am new.


Healing relationship.

Deeper knowing of who I am through Enneagram work, Four Tendency understanding, Archetype embodiment, Tarot study.

Chakra healing. Oil healing.

Ever evolving Spiritstyle.

Physical therapy for my knee after not walking for months.

Becoming a puppy mama for two rescues( because one would be too easy???).

Simplicity practices, reset practices, beauty practices, body practices.

The voice inside of me is calling out to dream again. To release the she who was so the integration of this next becoming has a place to be held.

I’m (re)visioning the prompts for the dream work I have been doing for years in my circles and inviting in the magical child archetype to guide the work.

Five dreams. Visioning. Feeling inside the dreams. How we can live into that now. Our becoming.

My work right now in all my Enneagram Fourness is seeing and feeling the simplicity of what I have as my joy. Not constantly looking outside myself for something to complete me, make me happy, allow everything to be OK.

I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then. - Alice in Wonderland

How does that then match up to dreaming?

This is the trick. To use the dreams as a way to source the feeling inside of the dreams in your NOW.

The practice is one where we allow ourselves the truth that incredible possibility exists, perhaps is even alive and true the moment we think it, and then realize the feeling inside the dream, live into it, allowing faith and grace space.

Living into it.

I am not who I was yesterday.

I've let some big dreams that no longer align with who I am be released to make space for my newness.

There is that moment when I think I've failed, that I'm using fear to put a halt to those big dreams.

But when I get really quiet I realize those dreams were motivated by a need for attention, for feeling like I had something to prove. For looking outside of myself.

These new dreams that are emerging I can feel as part of a much younger self, a magical child archetype that keeps visiting me. The child who bought a chick from her friend at school for a nickel (he wanted a dime, I bargained). He brought it to me at school and the story goes that my teacher was chasing it down the hallway at recess. While my parents I have to imagine did not dream of having a chicken, they let me have her.

My father just told me some wild chicken like bird has come to his porch in the high dessert of OR, and has adopted him. He thinks it is the spirit of my childhood chicken come home to him!

I have let dreams that I once held in my magical child self go because they didn't fit into the world I was in with others. They didn't fit into what others thought I could or should do.

This time in the dreams I'm letting the voices of all else go and letting my magical child guide me.

I love magic. I love believing in things I can't see. And if we continue our Alice in Wonderland thread going, the Queen tells Alice that she must practice believing in impossible things, Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. (Yes, this might just become a visioning prompt!)

Carve out a couple of weeks to begin visioning, making lists and a few other creative projects, beginning under Leo's New Moon, August 1st. The daily emails will be short little bites of inspiration to allow your hands to be creative and your mind to relax into a practice of joy and allowing.

Five Beautiful Dreams. Meet me at the dream.