Five Beautiful Dreams {A Two Week Visioning Practice}


The first five dreams were written on a scrap piece of paper glued onto a vision page with the top reading, “Your Words.” I didn’t know then that this page would guide my becoming and that of hundreds of women to come.

Those five beautiful dreams began a way of living into feeling as guide, allowing the dreams to become visions and those visions to be feelings we live into in the now.


That little scrap piece of paper sent my life into a spin. I was asked to teach at a retreat, multiple ones. I started traveling my work, I healed inside my marriage before deciding to release it, my business became the most magical thing I could have imagined creating.

I started to teach the five beautiful dreams to others, using a dream to break down the visions of our lives (all the possibilities that exist), tapping into our intuition (sometimes a dream is just a dream and it doesn’t need to go further), sourcing the feeling that created the dream (so we can live inside of it now).

We created vision pages for each dream using prompts to dig into areas of lives, some tender, some playful, some adventurous, some held deep in shadows and shame.

The act of visioning allowed us to find language we might not have had, it gave our sacral chakra an outlet for creativity and sensuality, it offered us the way to see our dreams as reality right now, the abundance of what could become.


Recently I’ve found myself brand new.


Healing relationship.

Deeper knowing of who I am through Enneagram work, Four Tendency understanding, Archetype embodiment, Tarot study.

Chakra healing. Oil healing.

Ever evolving Spiritstyle.

Physical therapy for my knee after not walking for months.

Becoming a puppy mama for two rescues( because one would be too easy???).

Simplicity practices, reset practices, beauty practices, body practices.

The voice inside of me is calling out to dream again. To release the she who was so the integration of this next becoming has a place to be held.

I’m (re)visioning the prompts for the dream work and I want to invite you to work with me.

Five dreams. Visioning. Feeling inside the dreams. How we can live into that now. Our becoming.

  • Two weeks of email prompts with videos, photos and stories

  • Together we’ll find our dreams and vision them out

  • We will look at what our part is in taking action and in trusting/faith/surrender

  • Using the feelings inside the dreams we’ll unlock what already is

  • Our hands will be busy with magazines and glue and creating while our minds learn to relax into the process of making beauty and receiving messages

  • While we are working inside of our vision books (you’ll just need a blank book that you love) I will also show you how to make cards, candles and tiny altar tins

  • Gathering in a FB group we will be able to share our vision pages and discuss prompts inside of our practices, you can do the visioning practice without the FB group

  • This is a short, daily practice for two weeks to get us dreaming into our becoming while feeling and living into our now

  • The emails will be tiny daily bites, no overwhelm, no getting behind; use what you need now, save the rest for later

  • $49.00… beginning August 1st

Beginning under the New Moon on August 1st together we dream.

I tell my kids when they blow out their birthday candles that most people think you don’t tell your wishes so they come true, I believe the opposite is true. Tell as many people as possible your dreams. Give your dreams space to become.


What you’ll need…

  • A blank book of any sort, nothing fancy, a book you can glue and write inside of (I love Moleskine)

  • Magazines, catalogues, printed materials you can cut up

  • Glue, scissors, card stock, an Altoid Tin, a tall glass candle (like these you can get at Target and grocery stores)