Reset Wildthing, Reset


When my nervous system is razzle-dazzled. When I sit in my car feeling like the silliest version of a business owner. When my gut is hurting. When I feel boring. When I look in the mirror and see ugly and gross. When abundance feels out of reach. When my body aches.

I say, reset wildthing, reset.

I would ask myself what I needed in that moment to find calm, or the flip, or to challenge a thought I held about myself.

Repeating, Reset Wildthing, Reset, became my walking prayer.

Then the reset grew.

A woman in my circles mentioned taking a photo in the same spot each day to prove to herself that she hadn’t changed that much from one day to the next. You know how you wake up one day and you are the same human but the feeling towards yourself doesn’t match what yesterday held?

I decided to challenge myself, each day for six days I’d take a photo around the same time, in the same spot for seven days. On the seventh day the mirror crashed and broke. I took the lesson and reworked my challenges for six days, I didn’t need something falling apart each week to remind me to rest and feel the integration!

I tried to see how many resets I could gift myself with.

Where was I struggling? What was the story I was holding? What did I want?

I was feeling some lack in my finances. So each day for six days I put $ into my savings account. Some days a lot of $, other days a couple dollars. The reset was the act of giving to myself in this way to shift the thought pattern.

There was a story I held about not being able to finish any book I’ve ever started. I decided I would read every day for six days to see if I could finish a book. I didn’t. That one was a bust.

I’ve dressed up each day inspired by a character from my favorite show. I have ‘over’ accessorized each day for six days. I have eaten copious amounts of green food. There have been post it note challenges. Face washing, pajama wearing and oil rubbing. Question of the week.

On the seventh day, I integrate the reset.

What worked? Where did I struggle? Where did I resist? Is this something I would like to continue?

Then I was listening to a podcast and James Clear talks about how we try to optimize the success of a habit rather than the start of the habit. He believes that the success comes in the form of the first two minutes of the habit.

So running isn’t about the run, it is putting on your shoes and tying them. He worked with a man who got dressed for the gym every day for a week or so until one day he was able to take that start of putting on his gym clothes and walk into the gym.

If you want to be someone who folds your clothes after you do laundry rather than watching the pile migrate around your room for days (ahem) just fold a pair of socks. Start. Focus on the first two minutes. The entry in.

Yes, I have found my way into this one, I’ll share it in the reset.

I noticed the resets that failed had zero entry time in. The two minutes was intangible. I never washed my face because my face wash was upstairs and I didn’t go up until I was stumbling around half asleep. I needed to find my entry point.

The Wildthing Reset challenges became part of my ritual of self. They were a combination of desire for presence mixed with the desire for my becoming.

I want to be someone who…

I want to feel like…

I am…

I am…

In my year long circle we played with some challenges and I’ve been in a weekly love affair with the presence of action inside of a desire.

If you want to challenge a thought what is the first thing you need to do? Pause. Breathe. Ask a question. Zero pressure on the thought changing. The entry point to change, the question.

If you want to feel more put together for the day, take a shower and pause in the mirror as a blank slate, filled with potential.

If you want to calm your nervous system, fill a cupboard with tea and mugs you love and place an electric kettle underneath.

If you want to start going on daily walks in the morning, put on your sneakers.

Would you like to join me inside of a six week Reset Wildthing, Reset series of challenges?

I’ve broken down the reset into six weeks, lending six days a week to the challenges and one day to integrate.

The reset challenges are light and fun and if you feel like tracking your days or meeting others who are doing the reset there will be a hashtag on Instagram for connection.

The reset isn’t a goal or a way to achieve success inside of anything. It is a ritual of becoming by being activated inside of the richness of your actions now.

Who are you? What are your stories? Are you ready to find entry points into rituals that will lift you, inspire your now moments and rearrange your cells?

I am a wildthing who resets so she may feel her life’s richness and devotion and pleasure and sensuality

The first email will be January 4th, a Friday, to prep and think about creating the entry point for that week’s challenge. We’ll play for six weeks.

Reset Wildthing, Reset.