Build Your Tribe Tuesday ~ Create your own formula for magic

No one ever taught Lucas how to draw. He has no book explaining drawing for a 3 year old. But just like each of my children right around this same age, he drew his first picture. He started with a circle. Then he learned how to add eyes. And one magical day he turned that circle into a ghost. Chloe's was a person, Eli's was a cat, his a ghost. Each time these firsts appeared I felt overwhelmed by the magic they had just created.

A child develops in certain developmental stages. Their first drawing isn't the same as another's but it comes as a result of being at that perfect place where skill meets desire. There isn't a can't. They aren't judging the outcome of the few scribbles, they just watch as it unfolds under their cute little hands. One day they are looking at a cat, or a face or saying boo! Suddenly they have created their own magical formula for creating something more than circles.

There are so many formulas out there for all things business related. I see people taking a formula from someone else and trying to duplicate it. But just like that first drawing from a child, a formula creates no magic without the creative hands behind it. True there are elements that can create great websites, sales pages or blog posts, teas or chocolates, yet without your creative hand there is no magic. Passion is felt. It is never copied.

Studying, observing and understanding how others are accomplishing their magical things is a wonderful practice. There is so much to learn from the creative greats out there. The moment we start to copy, to create inside of another's formula, we risk losing the connection to our creative hands. We all have the ability to create our own magic by observing the businesses around us, the creatives who sparkle and we can then take that feeling of passion and create our own formulas for magic.

It is tempting to want to skip steps. To want to outrun failure. The magic is in the doing, in allowing our creative hands to be guided by that passion inside of us and to dream big. Let others inspire. Grab that inspiration and allow it to open up the mystery of what is next for you. Dream your way into your own formula for magic.

Then go do it. Boo!