Sponsor Tribe Love - Love and Tea

I set an intention of creating a tribe of women who believed in each other, held space to support each other and who I would love to go have tea with and sit and talk for hours.

Sponsor Tribe Love is a way to share unique businesses and skills from some of this tribe with you. I have so much gratitude for their support.

Meet Jen Lashua. Every time I sip one of her teas I can feel her energy infused into their creation, and that is just pure love. I am thrilled to have her in the Mama Space


Jen is a Certified Herbalist, Artist and Mama to four little sweet beings.

She is founder of Love & Tea Company - Handcrafted Organic Teas. She has a line of specialty teas specifically formulated for Women & Children's Wellness.

Love & Tea Company is a fusion of her two passions, Tea & Art. You will find Jen's original paintings on her tea labels.

Love & Tea Company promotes the Art of Tea; Engaging the mindful art of loose leaf tea while promoting artist's creative works.

What are you doing on a Saturday afternoon that brings you joy?

* Drinking my tea while it’s still hot!
* Building a mountain of leaves for my children to jump in.
* Making soup
* Surprise hugs from my little one’s
* Being outside in sunshine and feeling fall air.
* Noticing the magical art in nature.
* Pink toe nails

What comes to mind when I say passion?

*  Living your truth
*  Being guided by your heart.
*  Doing work you truly love.
*  Being creative
*  Enjoying life
*  Feeling the pulse of inspiration and acting upon it.
*  Tea & Art

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Jen is offering a giveaway of two delicious teas, just leave a comment to enter and say hi, winner announced next Saturday! As a bonus anyone who orders tea and uses the code harvest will receive 10% off their order until October 31st, 2011. There are so many teas that you'll want to have for the artwork alone, you'll have trouble deciding what to start with!