Hey Gorgeous, Post Rapture Celebration!

Want to move into the gorgeous life and have a little raw kale, butterflies fluttering on your head kind of fun? Of course you do!

Each Sunday I will be posting a new Hey Gorgeous tip that is simple and fun. I am a believer that what we put out we attract and I am looking for some simple and some fun. I want my tribe to feel sexy and gorgeous and inspired. I want you to pay-it-forward when you feel inspired by a tid-bit and create the ripple that the joy of loving yourself up, healthy style brings. Yes, that means we might have to share this with the guys (*wink* at the guys who are here already)!

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How did you celebrate rapture yesterday? Chances are none of you really thought things were ending but something amazing comes out of a day like yesterday.

Hope. Faith. Gratitude.

It can take a reminder of somewhat outrageous proportions to remember them. Hope for a world that is beautiful and resilient to the changes that are upon it always. Faith that love and connection are the purpose for all of us here. Gratitude for all we are capable of, for all that is yet to come.

We should find ways to celebrate even more of life and it's gorgeousness! Celebrations of small successes, celebrations of our worth and contribution, celebrations of others. Post rapture bliss is the wonder of being here, on this planet, creating and glorifying our world.

Let's make a deal gorgeous, you and me. Let's do one thing that is challenging, that makes us uncomfortable and want to crawl under the covers. One thing. That one act is a celebration of our hope, faith and gratitude. Moving through space that is comfortable - into a dream, a wish, a what-if - is our ticket to this celebration.

Ready? Let's do this together.