Right Now, in the simple.

I'm having a hard day. The kind where you cry one minute and feel angry the next. And just when you are settling into angry, you find yourself calm and quiet. All those emotions tangled, that for me is a hard day. Always connected to feeling a bit run down in the old gut - the immune system- the guardian of how I'm feeling. I still have trouble stopping and allowing myself to rest. My process is to go low, sink down and create. Create things that don't need to be there. Head drama. Fierce and fearful.

It makes me want to drink soy lattes all day. It makes me want to stop doing everything that is moving me forward. It says, there isn't really enough for everyone. Why do you think you can have it?

Yeah, I have bad days. Thankfully, so do you. Our bad days are a gift if we let them be. Right now, in the simple.

Here is the whisper if I allow myself to get really quiet.

Climb in your bed. Work from there. Read books to your boy. Drink some tea. Take a motrin, just do it. Talk to the man who loves you and let him be with you. Remember why you do what you do, pick one small thing and you will remember. Oh yes there is enough for everyone. There is enough room to rest. There is enough time to conquer fears. There is enough right now, in the simple.

I remembered my favorite "cereal" and thought it would help my tired stomach feel better. I think you'll like it.

Almond and Apple Cereal

1 small apple, diced handful of sliced almonds 1 tsp dried coconut flakes alternative milk, rice, almond, hemp raisins if you like them

Put it all in a bowl, just as you would cereal. Simple.