Picture Thoughts

I photographed this tea but never drank it. As with many of my cups of tea, it moves from place to place, finally finding a home behind a curtain on a window sill. Have you ever noticed your reflection in your morning mug? I notice that woman sometimes when her pace is slower and present. When she runs around in too many directions the reflection is lost and the tea is cold.

I said I needed a full day without any computer, phone, deadlines or writing. She jumped up grabbed a pen and flipped through the calendar. "How about the 6th?" No I can't do that. "The 10th?" Perfect, I have a talk on the 9th, I'll look forward to that break. She's good for me.

Adding some sprouts and avocado to the soup seemed to bring a taste of spring. I feel cold inside my bones. Wishing I moved my body a bit more. It was a good breakfast. Tomorrow I may have chocolate.

Really tough stuff right now, for the middle one. At this age we couldn't imagine the way time could bring such struggle to his body and mind. He seeks a control that he doesn't understand. He pulls away and then jumps right back, sobbing. Five is his battle ground as he starts to read and imagine and explore. Even these moments don't crack a smile.

Amazed at how OK I am with how this one dream is looking. Enjoying the process of being me, a story the 17 year old me would not have believed. The quiet moments. I listen to the light snore next to me, in our bed. The 19 year old me always knew he would be right there. I keep dreaming and the power behind it, that's me.


Do you feel the power behind your dreams? Are you allowing the quiet moments?

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