Connecting-A Group Program for Women


Women Connecting with themselves and each other through health and lifestyle coaching in an intimate group setting.

That's me with 3 of the amazing women from the summer 2010 Connecting Group. Look at those smiles! They will be together once more in the fall as they continue their journey together in the next level of the program, Connected. You can read some of their experiences with their group below.

The Connecting group will meet in Providence, RI from September to November 2010.

September Registration Is Closed

Meetings will be held on Monday nights at 8:00pm

September 6th and 20th

October 4th and 25th

November 8th and 22nd

Here is just a taste of what you can expect from your meetings with amazing women, guided exercises, group share and some "get real moments" of your own.

  • A place to find yourself again. Leave stress, low energy, worry, fear, struggle, indecision and unhealthy decisions behind you.

“Beginning with Hannah’s magical, warm welcome, then seeing all of your beautiful faces and connecting in our first exercise of the night, my heart melted and I was instantly reminded of why I love (and need!) this group of amazing women.”

  • Support towards a balanced life. Welcome energy, balance, confidence, strong relationships, joy and health as the group gets real.

“Last night was amazing!  I felt very connected to each one of you.  We really do have such a special group.  I am always very inspired when I leave our meetings but somehow get caught up with the day to day stuff and never get to finish what I started.  I am going to try to stay focused and make some changes before our next meeting.”

  • Simple, healthy, high energy recipes to support your lifestyle and body. Explore new foods and recipes and share your experiences with the group.

“Just made a yummy smoothie:  watercress, kale, parsley, cucumber, coconut milk, frozen mango, maple syrup  and fresh mint.  I loved it, an interesting flavor with the mint.  I think it would have been better with pineapple in place of the mango but it was what I had on hand.  I normally would have had a nice hot cup of coffee on this rainy, damp day but thought I would go for the smoothie instead.  Making changes…one step at a time!”

  • Breakthrough moments. Call them “getting real” or breaking through, you will start to discover your truth.

“I had the same issue as others about not losing a pound…until this week. Finally saw a loss. Here’s what I know is my problem: First, drinking wine. Every night. I love it so.  But I discovered that, guess what? I can’t drink wine like that AND feel good about the way I look. Also realized that if I wasn’t using food to relax or avoid feelings, I was using wine. So that’s done.”

  • Connecting with your true essence, passions and purpose. Watch as those in your life start to notice and feel your positivity and happiness.

“My husband has noticed– and complimented me– and that makes me feel great, too, so I see what else I can come up with the next day.  It seems like what I HAVE TO do to be the real me.  Sort of like, skirts and hoops and dust bunnies don’t jibe anymore. I feel something stirring in me— something changing and I don’t think it would be if I hadn’t found this group.  I think I’d be having more of the same– some good days. some bad days.  But since we’ve been meeting and emailing, its like I can’t ignore things that needed a little adjustment.  Your emails keep my own goals in the forefront, and that’s what I’m most grateful for.  This is really wonderful.  And I certainly want to keep going…”

If you are unable to make one of the meetings you will be sent handouts, recipes, a summary of the discussion and e-mail support for goal setting.

From 8-8:15 pm come pour a cup of tea, have a healthy snack and get to know your group. Meetings will start at 8:15 pm and go until 9:30 pm. E-mail support will be available in between sessions through our CONNECTING GOOGLE GROUP.

Connect with us through some honest moments, create a shift in your life and a ripple effect within your family.

Cost of the program is $85.00 a month or if you join with a friend, $75.00.

There is a registration fee of $30.00 which will reserve your spot.