Setting Intentions

I have set an intention to write a short blog each day this week. Blogging is deeply important to me as it keeps me focused on the good stuff in my life. Looking at the pictures of good food and the kids activities or quiet moments reminds me not to take it too seriously when life is a mess. Usually I try to take pictures of my food and make them seems calm and pretty. This time I opted for the reality of it, which was lunch in a hurry on a messy table.

Still a darn good salad. Here's what I did. Filled my bowl with sprouts and avocado slices. Added some slices of turkey, olives and cilantro. Made a quick salad dressing with some mayo, balsamic vinegar, agave and salt and pepper. It was fast, filling and those sprouts pack a punch of energy. Real life salad...have you set your intentions today?