Simplify~Part 1

Things were getting nasty in the coat closet. Jackets and shoes were not being hung up, not because we are lazy, but rather there was no space. One of the lessons I am learning is that less is more in so many areas of life. Less shoes means that there is actually a place to put those shoes. Less jackets mean that we actually have hooks free for the ones we are using. This family of 5 can quickly accumulate too much stuff. Living in a small space is teaching me to learn to let go of things, not buy too much and take care of what we have and value. This message is apparent in so many places. My friend Jill is a stylist and she always tells me less clothes of better quality will help you feel and look your best. I tell people to use less ingredients, but make those ingredients the best possible. Organizers tell you to have a place for everything and get rid of all the stuff that is cluttering your way. So the kids and I emptied the closet and it lent for a fun afternoon.

We separated summer from winter and decided what did not fit any more and could be donated.

The results brought some calm to my day and all it takes is a few seconds a day for us all to keep it looking organized. There is a hook for back packs, coats and a shelf from Ikea for shoes.

I love this space. It will change as the seasons flow and as mood dictates. Ah, yes, simplify.