Eli Turns 4!!!

It was as though his little body had grown, but so much was the way I remembered it. I am sure a year has past. He sat at the table holding up those little fingers just as he had a year ago, this time his pinky joining pointer, middle and index. Waking up in bed next to me, no not me, Lucas this time. The two of them tangling their legs and arms together as though in a contest to see who can sleep more fitfully than the other. Last year Lucas in my belly, now he's a fire ball in constant need to keep up with his brother and sister.

Chloe climbed out of bed much earlier than her body wanted. An Eli birthday breakfast, presents, excitement, a long drive to NY for part two of the party. Transformers took over not only the party but also Eli as he personally transformed into a 4 year old that day. Full of pride that he could now say he was the age of all of his friends at school. Blowing out enough breath to extinguish 4 candles. A hug for me comes no longer from my little guy but a taller, stronger "kid" who says words that a year ago he had never heard of.

Lucas and Chloe reach their next year in September which will make me mother to a 7 year old and 1 year old all in one month. I will turn 35 that same month. Patrick will turn 38 that same day. The years wash over us as a family every summer and we emerge in the fall older, hopefully wiser and if things continue as they are happier and healthier.