Father's Day Love

Lucas joining us for blueberries and flashing a smile for the camera!

Fresh salsa, garlic scapes, carrots, thyme and goat's milk gouda were some of the add ins for the omelettes and hash browns.

Omelettes with gouda, bacon and hash browns with carrots, thyme and garlic scapes made for this Daddy's perfect breakfast! The enchiladas for dinner didn't make it for a picture...

I love daddy because he snuggles me. Sometimes he takes me out to special places and because he loves me. -Chloe

I love daddy because he likes to play spiderman and transformers and stuff. And because he likes me and he likes you (mama). -Eli

I love Patrick because he captured my heart and I didn't even know it was happening. There are days when life feels heavy and he is always there to help me lift of some of what I can't carry on my own. I love watching the kids snuggle with him and how zen he folds the laundry! I love his face when he holds our babies for the first time. And I love that sometimes I can still see the look in his eyes he had 15 years ago when he first fell for me...Happy Father's Day Patrick. -Hannah