Hives and Baby Smooches

No Hives...look at that smile!

Hives...and yes it got worse.

This week hives took over our house, on Lucas' skin. From head to toe. Bright red and purple, swollen feet and hands that couldn't grasp from the swelling. The usual smile on his face wasn't as bright and his struggle with sleep became our struggle. Patrick standing at midnight rocking him in his arms, dancing him to Pearl Jam and finally letting him relax into sleep on his chest.

We are tired. We are crabby. We are so in-love with this baby. As the hives are fading (thanks to the right homeopathic remedy, yeah) he is coming back to his joyful self and Chloe is all over him. Smooching him, hugging him...we are thrilled the worst is over. You hurt when your baby hurts. One morning when we woke up Eli looked at me and said, "Oh good mama, you don't have any red spots today!" How I would have taken those spots from Lucas and plastered them on myself just to ease his pain.

A new week greets us tomorrow. A happier baby. A cleaner house. A mental fresh start. We have clean clothes, left over salad and a beautiful day to wake up to. What does your week have in store for you?