Weights and Salad

I am finally getting myself back into the gym. I am an exercise procrastinator. Even as I am driving to the gym, drinking my hot tea I am saying to myself, "Just do 15 minutes of cardio and then go home." Well, I do the 15 minutes and all the while I'm talking myself out of doing weights. I always do the weights and as I am lifting and sweating I think how silly I was to not be eager to be there. In that moment, I am feeling the result of those endorphins. That is why we go to the gym, or climb that hill or get out the pilates mat. We are better that day, more alert, alive and of course...healthier!

What do you eat after an awesome work-out?

Post Work-Out Salad

2 cups purple and green curly leaf lettuce, torn
olive oil and balsalmic vinegar
2 over easy fried eggs
handful of raw pepitas
big scoop of yesterday's guacamole

Dress the lettuce in the oil and vinegar. Top with remaining ingredients. Season with salt and pepper. Enjoy after a big glass of lemon water.