First Day of A Life of Learning

And the day has arrived...Chloe meets Kindergarten, Catholic style. The children all met up in the courtyard with their parents, a few of them looking just as lost as we were. The principal greeted us in her "beautiful, fancy shoes," as Chloe pointed out and we stood there waiting to see what would happen next. It took only a few minutes for Chloe to wipe the pensive look she had been dutifully practicing and say, "I think I kind of like it here."

Flashback 28 years ago, I am at my first day of Kindergarten, eyes closed, refusing to open them and look at anyone or anything. I still get that feeling sometimes in new places...this child has been good for me. She greets these new days as adventures, looks forward to making new friends and can't wait to open her lunch box and read her little note. (Speaking of which, I need to get more creative on these...any clever ideas are gladly accepted!)

She had a long, good day at her new school, it's her favorite school ever, after one day. I'm glad the baby is giving us time to get settled in our new routines before adding the next level of excitement to our lives. Eli wishes he could go to school with Chloe, but he's happy to have her "old" favorite school and celebrate as he calls himself a pre-schooler. I am more tired everyday and will be happy to have my body back and wear this baby on the outside. I will start school in January and continue my life of learning along with my children.

The house is full of uniforms, lunch boxes and new school shoes. Boxes full of supplies for the home birth. Dark chocolate sitting and waiting to be turned into brownies. Dishes piling up in the sink, homemade meals becoming less frequent and a dog who can't adjust to our new schedule. Patrick walks into chaos most nights at 5:30 and the battle at bedtime, well, you know that tooth brushing battle. At bedtime tonight daddy had both kids asleep by the second song. And tomorrow I will write on a little note that goes in a pink lunch box belonging to a little girl who's off to her second day of Kindergarten.