Who Will You Be?

Whenever I'm feeling a bit down I want to be at the beach. There is something about the waves, the smell and sounds calm me and everything seems better. At eleven o'clock at night I settle for some pictures, memories to take me back to the ocean.

Tonight as I look at this picture and feel the baby dance inside my belly I wonder if we will be adding another really cool guy to our family who will soon be climbing rocks with his daddy and brother. Or will we have another wide-eyed baby girl, this time perhaps with brown eyes? What sort of balance will come from this new child into our lives? How will the kids take on their new baby?

As Patrick and I approach our 10th anniversary we will be holding a new baby in our arms. Probably our last, and we will savor every moment of it. Chloe in Kindergarten, Eli in preschool and a new baby. Change is all around us, like the waves on the beach washing over the sand, and I am must greet each of our "waves," ready or not. These last days are full of my last swollen pregnant ankles and crazy hormones. A belly that Chloe will hopefully remember when she is older and looks at the pictures she took of it. A pregnancy that took us by surprise and yet feels so perfectly "planned."

Ok baby, we're ready.