Build Your Tribe Tuesday ~ Create Space to Write

Patrick said good-bye to me before I peeled my eye lids open this morning. Snuggled in bed with Lucas and a puppy at my feet I had to force myself to crawl out from the warmth to go sit with Chloe and Eli who were at the table coloring. Eli recreating an Eric Carle book for me and Chloe trying to coax him to make it better.

I put on the hot water for my coffee, filled a glass with water to sip and mentally prepared for the start of the day. Lunches to be made, breakfast to cook, backpacks to get in order, dog to walk, some fun toy out for Lucas (Playmobile today), emails to return, a program to finish, a blog post to polish off.  Beds to make, dishes to wash, dinner to prep.

This all happens within our rhythm, and I will admit to not flowing well when that rhythm is interrupted. I rely on it. Recently Lucas gave up napping, those two hours I relied on, vanished. A new rhythm is emerging.

Patrick's time is in the morning. Mine is late at night. We have our own space and quiet.

He has space in the early hours to be alone and read. He is ready for the early rising kids when they wake. We both sleep about the same, hours wise, but at different times. When everyone in my house is asleep I sit down with a cup of tea and I write. I crave this time. I thrive on its routine. I am an evening writer and I love it.

Patrick said to me, "I think the reason you stay up till midnight writing is because you need your brain to get so tired that you can start writing from your heart." xo

Whatever the reason, the beauty is that I carve out time to write. It becomes a part of my rhythm. It is how I connect to my business, my tribes, my creative side.

Every single Wednesday afternoon you can find me on the couch, in a quiet house (kids have dinner with a wonderful friend) and I am working on my Making Space letters. Sometimes I write for hours, other times for minutes. When it gets dark I light candles, do a little meditating, it is one of my favorite times ever. The only thing I write during this time is content for those specific letters. Rhythm.

The common struggle of blogging or producing content isn't that you don't know what to say, you don't know where to start. So you avoid. There is no rhythm for you around the practice.

Practice creates rhythm. Space is inside of that rhythm. The space is where you create.

How will you start to find that space?