Write To Me


September 27th-October 25th

Workshop Style Calls with interactive lessons, planning and devotion, one on one messages from me and private Facebook group to share and inspire

Zoom Calls (recorded) Thursdays in October :: 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th at 11:30am Eastern


I have called them love notes, stories, secret messages. I sent them Thursday mornings at the same time for years. I switched to Fridays, I often send them whenever.

They are communication between myself and the ones who have chosen to exchange an energy with me, space in their inbox for my stories, offers and sharings.

The email list is the heart of a business.

It is how we gather those who support and believe in us and offer them a part of us. We tell stories, share details, wonder, prompt, inspire, get vulnerable and share what we are up to. We often make an ask, a deeper exchange of time or money for our service or product.

This communication between the business owner and the one receiving the letter is sacred.

We are collectively overwhelmed, people are mass unsubscribing to emails in the chaos of too much noise.

This energy exchange of business owner to subscriber is not one way. We can remind those on the other side we are here and we want to hear them. My inbox will fill up after I send an email. This is a big responsibility to hold the words that come back.

“I’ve never found anyone who can write from a place I resonate with so completely.”

“I cried happy tears.”

“I loved this email!!!!!”

“This came at the PERFECT time.”

“I so appreciate you Hannah and the changes you have supported me through in my life.”

“Thank you for sharing your stories and your life.”

“Thank you for being you and your potent honesty. I adore you.”

I often sit down to write when I have convinced myself I have nothing to say because I value these relationships and want to tend them.

It matters. Find your voice. Send the letter.


You tell me:

I don’t know what to say.

I am not consistant.

I only have 30 people on my list.

I feel like I am bothering everyone.

When nobody responds I freeze and stop.

I have nothing to sell, just ideas for a business.

Watching my stats makes me crazy, especially when someone I know unsubscribes.

I don’t want to give things away for free.

The idea of being salesy stops me.

Family members are on my list and that makes me feel inhibited.

Honestly, my newsletter is boring, not sure I would even read it.

So many other people do it better.

I feel like a fraud.

I’ve been working in close circles with people beginning businesses for the last 8 years and this is the place where STUCK is the feeling that becomes the inaction.

I can’t teach you how to write, I can’t make you show up, I can’t promise you no unsubscribes.

What I do is teach you how to let go of everything you think about writing, I guide you to find your why inside of writing to your list and if you start sending your letters more often-with devotion and rhythm-unsubscribes are actually a sign that you are starting to have a clear personal voice.

When I was starting my business with three little kiddos climbing on me, the advice I heard from mentors I loved was to devote yourself to your list.

Everything else could fall away: imagine it does.

You wake up and social media is gone, your website crashed and the only thing left is your list. When was the last time they heard from you? What relationship have you established with them? Do they even recognize your name in their email or wonder how they signed up?

What if you took a year off social media? How would you continue to nurture and grow your business?


Years ago I was taking a course on business and I was asked, “Who are you writing your newsletter to?”

“To myself.”

To myself.

It is too big to think about every person you are writing to, even if it is 30.

You don’t have a voice to 30 people or 30,000 people. You have a voice to one person. You write to one person. Each person that opens and reads your newsletter becomes that one person.

Write To Me is you, me and a small group committed to making this Fall the time that they find that voice and share it.


The plan:

  • Map out 4 dates that you will send 4 letters to your list starting in October

  • Gather in workshop style Zoom calls each week to share some of your writing, ask for ideas, do live writing prompts together (11:30am Eastern for 4 Thursdays) and make a plan that I’ll teach you how to commit to (even the rebels and the unorganized)

  • Create a rhythm so that the letters connect your voice to how you serve and what you do

  • Lift ups from me, I will message you personally to check up on you and make sure you are showing up, and, offer ideas (ideas are my sweet spot)

  • Elevate what you currently are doing with your email list, go from silence to engagement

  • Create an image in your letters that tells the story of your business

  • Explore using video, voice recording, storytelling, art

  • Understand the difference between marketing and selling to your list

  • We begin September 27th, the eve of the New Moon

  • Zoom calls, workshop style and interactive, recorded, October 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th (This is where I will teach so if you can’t make them LIVE you will want to set aside time to watch the recordings and then report back to us on the FB group

Who is this for:

  • Anyone who wants to have consistency, rhythm, truth, storytelling, connection and trust with their email list

  • Entrepreneurs who have already begun an email list, no matter the size of that list or the activity with it

  • Those who need accountability, help with ideas, a push to sit down and write

  • The person who apologized to their list for not having sent an email in so long (and I’ll share with you why you never have to do that again)

  • Anyone wondering if they can possibly grow their list and actually show up for those people

  • Writer-phobics (I’m going to give you all the reasons you don’t need to know anything about writing to be successful at this)

  • Those who need confidence that you can market and sell to the people on your list without feeling guilty or following bulk formulas



Your programs usually have a written component, is this different?

Yes, this is going to be VERY different than my previous courses. I don’t want this to be a course that can just get lost in your email WAITING for the right time for you to work on it. I want this to be you creating emails to your list NOW.

The course will be delivered workshop style through the Zoom calls, I will present information, tell stories and then give you writing prompts to do live, as we are on the call. There will be options to share some of your writing with our group,or you can choose to just witness. There is a chat box on the side of the Zoom calls, meaning you can type in thoughts and comments as the workshop is being held, connecting with other participants and asking me questions as we go along.

When the Zoom recording is sent out the following day I’ll have some written notes accompanying the recording link in response to our work together and a list of the writing prompts for reference and any other information that needs to be extracted from the call for quick reference.

Is this about selling through email?

We will talk about all the ways you can use writing to your email list, including: storytelling, list making, marketing, selling and promoting. Mostly, this is about connection and consistency. Showing up.

So what do I get for the $175.00?

You will have 4 LIVE workshops with me, connection with the other participants, writing prompts to give you a ton of ideas, a private group where we will share our progress and ask for support.

At the end of this course you will have sent out at least 4 email letters to your list and created a plan to add more names to your list and if you are promoting a product or service you will have a plan for how you’ll work that into your letters.

I will be checking in with each of you personally each week, through whatever you prefer (text, messenger, email). You are getting me one on one as well as in the group setting.

Why did you decide to create this workshop series?

The thing that comes up over and over again in my business coaching with young businesses is the confusion around email lists and an over reliance (frustration) with social media. There is so much fear/avoidance/frustration around creating an email.

Emailing my list is my absolute favorite thing that I do. It pushes me to become a stronger writer and communicator and storyteller. It pushes me to accept responses from others around intimate details I might share. It pushes me to accept love and praise (which is so HARD for me). It pushes me to value my work and talk about it. It pushes me to share opportunities to be part of my work in a way that allows me to feel in full integrity.

If anything, I want you to leave this time together feeling authentic, filled with truth and integrity around how you are communicating in your business.

I will never promise you that you’ll walk away with anything, what I do know is that showing up for ourselves is magical. I am pretty good at showing up and want to share that with you.

After you’ve read through this, if you have questions, feel free to send them to hello@hannahmarcotti.com

The dates are listed below and the link to sign up.

September 27th-October 25th

Workshop Style Calls with interactive lessons, planning and devotion, one on one messages from me and private Facebook group to share and inspire

Zoom Calls Thursdays in October :: 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th at 11:30am Eastern