Flowers, post office and crazy hair.

Today I shall be...

someone who gives herself flowers, because I need to provide the nurture that feels good.

lifting more boxes, getting exercise via the storage unit to the new home, rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat.

led by the crazy hair that was slept on wet after intense sex in our exhaustion from moving.

going to the post office to mail the lease, the check, the form to finalize some loose ends of divorce and buying stamps to tack onto the cork board that now sits in a corner waiting for a spot to hang.

thinking about each of my kids and how I can make sacred space for all of them in our new home, so that each feels seen and celebrated and calm.

going to Home Depot for clippers and gardening gloves so that together as a family we can create a little backyard oasis.

visioning where the furniture will go and the way I want the flow of the house to be so it feels open and alive and gorgeous.

thinking about my beloved, as he takes steps today to move closer into the next stories of his life, grateful that he is holding my hand as his partner as we co-create this beautiful life.

honoring the new way I am choosing to show up, integrate, process, download, communicate and hold space by tending to my heart through quiet reflection.

shopping for a shower liner, pillow cases, trash bags, bed for my daughter, coffee for the morning and internet providers.

alive in the promise that my dreams are coming true as I fully soak in that I am only just getting started at living this life out loud and with belly laughs and tears of truth and patience for the one thing I have been praying for all year to manifest next (because it will when it is time).

Today I shall be...

making the red sauce for us to share for dinner under the light of the full moon while sweating under the joy of completing the move.

the most grateful human having him back in my arms again as we inside of a new practice of communication.

a mama who dreams of the rituals we will gather together here in our memories of that year that I manifested a little farmhouse, in the middle of the city, where our next iterations were born.

a free-flowing vessel of get shit done, starting with this list.

And you? What shall you be today?