What I can't teach you. I speak Unicorn.


"Mom, your camera roll is filled with selfies and our house."

"Yes. True. Because..."

"I know, for your 'business.' Hey Mom, I am going to start a business too, watch." (And the camera clicks away at his hilarious selfie face.)

They know I work, they know how blessed we are to have a stay-at-home mom who works all the hours around their time and needs and often while they are doing homework. They know I work, they have seen the website, they wear the Coyoteloon shirts like they were a uniform, they go to the bookstore and buy the Bella Grace magazine I was last published in with huge pride. 

This is all they have known of me as their mama. They are asked not to follow me on Instagram or read my website, which at some point becomes honor system and which at some point becomes something they will do.

I've talked to them about how I use self-portrait to create connection, tell a story, look people in the eye who I may never meet in person, find softness and love for myself more. They live inside my business. They are deeply part of my work. 

And they speak Unicorn.

manifest. magical. surrender. journey. expand. universe. blessings. release. call forth. meditate. iterate. 

Ask them what I do and they struggle to find a way to explain it. Ask my partner what I do and he will say I am a consultant for women, adding a few more words that I can't remember now. Ask me what I do and I will speak Unicorn.

I have learned and studied elevator pitches. I have been to conferences and done the worksheets. I've worked one on one with incredible wordsmiths who were guiding me to figure out the elevator pitch version of what I do.

When I started out my business I used three words...

Writer. Coach. Mom.

That is about as basic as it gets. But then I felt more like a guide. Or perhaps a teacher. I create online courses for women around anything and everything that feels like woman-goddess-mama-spirit soul work.

What value do I deliver? What about the Lift Ups? Do I mention raising vibrations or that I teach how to manifest a lover from a sticky note and a jar?

Crap. I speak Unicorn. 

And so.


I am a story-teller. A magic-maker. A prompt-magician. A high vibration shape-shifter. I am the one who records the details in photo and words and then spins them into tellings of future becomings in the feeling world.

I am of a spirit that longs to guide yours when you desire compassion, lifting, sorting, surrender, sanguine, awakening, creating, dreaming, action, permission and the essence of your own knowing. (Which is magic.)

A woman wrapping story and prayer into words as teachings that want to settle inside of you and become the inspiration for your next story and prayer and teaching.

Which means.

There is a part of business that I can't teach you. The part where you try to fit inside the lines of a worksheet or explain your brilliance in the span of an elevator ride. Because I speak Unicorn. I believe that there is more than one way. I don't care that when I am faced with the question of what I do that no one answer exists that will ever please me enough to be satisfied. I find the words. I believe in finding the simplest, easiest words to share. 

I have struggled with wanting this for years. The ease in communicating what I do. I've asked women I work with to help. I have made vision pages and read books. 

One day I was at a work party for an incredibly successful business man who was retiring from the company he built. I started to ask him questions in my Hannah sort of way. It was a good question with 5 parts, I can't remember now what it was.

He started to answer and then stopped. He looked at me and said, "I will answer you. I will. But not in front of everyone here. Because I know what you do. You bring out the emotion and the things inside we don't even realize are there. I know what you do. And I will answer you."

He knows what I do. He sees this woman who wears leg warmers and a utility belt and a kimono at every event she has attended with her man. Who looks people in the eye. Who asks questions. Tells stories. Who speaks Unicorn. The language of faith and truth and permission. 

The women I work with speak Unicorn. My man now speaks Unicorn. The kids make fun of it, but they are fluent. 

I get tagged in Instagram self-portraits of other women. They tell me that learning to look at their own eyes through the lens or move through the fear of being seen or finally are seeing their beauty unfold before them-they tell me these things that give me goosebumps. And remind me why there are some things I can't teach. 

They know what I do. And so it is.