Story Whispers ~ Abby Kerr

I often find myself eager for settling in with a cup of tea or glass of wine with women who I admire and hearing their story whispers. The magic inside of the words, the treat of the truth and that moment of 'yes, me too' are why we must keep sharing our stories.

Today I welcome Abby Kerr in all of her softness and word wisdom. Abby and I connected through Instagram and though we've yet to meet, having crossed paths this summer in Oregon, I'm looking forward to some time for more stories soon. Abby is the magic behind The Voice Bureau, which helps entrepreneurs show up in the online conversation. Click over and look at her gorgeous new website, it took my breath away when I saw it.

Abby and I share a love for words, beauty and showing up in grace. I am grateful to invite her to share her story whispers with you.

Take us through your gorgeous life in terms of your senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, sound and any others that you possess.

What inspires me: the touch of soft skin, FrenchBo fur, and as-yet-unmarked notebook paper; the taste of ripe avocados, tart marinara sauce, and Kombucha {not all in one dish!}; the smell of my own perfume, which makes me feel strong, feminine, and inspired {notes of bergamot, graperfruit, pink pepper, patchouli, & cedar}; the sight of leaves blanketing the streets of my neighborhood as I walk it -- hues of rust, fuschia, grapefruit, and saffron; the haunting, powerful strains of Brandi Carlile's "Bend Before It Breaks," a candle wick snapping, and the tap-tapping of my fingers as I write.

The moment you knew you had found your thing, the one that would propel you forward because you can’t not do it.

When I realized I could build my work in the world around supporting other entrepreneurs in developing their writing voices, it felt like the easiest and most deliciously selfish thing to do. Like a guilty pleasure. 'Selfish' has never been a word that's resonated as positive to me, but this felt like a righteous selfishness, like moving into my power and my point of grace. And at the same time, this work feels radically generous to me, as if I'm giving my very best from my most openhearted place.

Magical moments: what are they to you and how do you open to receiving them?

My magical moments are usually about sensing divine timing. Throughout my life, I've always seemed to discern when it's time to shift: sidestep, zoom forward, move back, throw on the brakes, run for it, jump the tracks. I listen for a go in my spirit and not until then do I take action. That's true for me whether it's about starting a relationship, buying a sweater, or launching a website.

Ritual that you start your day with.

These days, walking and feeding the dogs. We have a new puppy who has brought a lot of fun and playfulness into our lives.

Favorite part of your body, tell us why you love it.

My feet. From childhood through my teen years, I trained in classical ballet and performed with a pre-professional training company. I have dancer's feet. I think they're pretty -- nicely shaped toes, high arches, nice toenails -- but I have naturally rough, thick soles that crack easily. Not so sexy to hear described, but I own it. My feet have danced on wooden stages, walked me through airports on the way to my next big adventure, and regularly run into the furniture as I flit through my house on the way to record my next idea.

Favorite quote:

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A mantra or affirmation that guides you:

I am loved and protected. All things work together for good.

Your guiding word/s for the year:

You know what to do, and how to do it. Allow effortless to be enough.
Abby Kerr helps entrepreneurs show up in the online conversation through brand voice development, holistic content strategy, and organic SEO copywriting. A former high school English teacher and U.S. award-winning indie lifestyle boutique owner, her favorite creative work centers on creating compelling emotional worlds. She's just relaunched her entire online brand presence, The Voice Bureau, at Outside {and sometimes inside} of business hours, she's a fierce home cook, a mom to two French Bulldog-Boston Terrier mixes, and an ardent Brandi Carlile fan.