Build Your Tribe Tuesday - Where your story meets theirs

I am about to go and edit the My Story page on my site. Why? About every 3 months I go in and make some changes. My story evolves as my work does. Right now on that page my story is leading you towards my work in health coaching. Now that I am also doing creative marketing coaching and The Joy Up programs, those parts of my story are missing. If you only read about my mama life and my past with food and diets, I am not connecting with all of my tribe. The ones I want to invite for tea. My tribe has expanded and grown as I have.

Where does your story meet theirs? Look at your about page and try to not feel attached to anything on the page. What is that story telling you, asking you? Is it too long and you don't want to read it or is it lacking some honesty and layers?

If you have only a few moments to capture someone, draw them in to the work you do, you must share the part of your story that intersects with theirs and the work you do.

Take an hour or so and go to each of the sites you love. Read their about page. Look at where the story meets yours. Use that inspiration to create a page that is inviting your tribe, the one you deep down want, to stay. Allow your story to evolve as you do. You are building a tribe and a business; building is evolution and growth and you keep adding layers as high as you want to go.

Let your story meet theirs. And your tribe will grow.