Build Your Tribe Tuesday ~ What are you made of?

My beautiful client recently described me as being made of fairy dust and manifestations. While I accept this glowing review with grace and the biggest smile ever, I need to add, and fear.

I have the dust and the magic but, oh my, I still have fear.

The day before I was launching The Holiday Joy UP, I sat on the bed and told Patrick all the problems and all the places I still had so much work to do. He listened and prompted me to reveal what was really going on. Pretty sure I cried.

The truth was that I was terrified. Shaking in my boots, full of fear. Perhaps not as much that I would fail, but more that I would succeed. And that I couldn't quite yet integrate fully that success.

  “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." - Marianne Williamson

Or that I would make a mistake, forget something, screw up, not be perfect. That is what I am made up of. 3 years of running a business I am strong in my voice and mission, I have pockets full of fairy dust and I can teach you to manifest and create magic. 3 years later I still get scared, differently, but scared.

I work through my fears and allow them to cast me out to beautiful places. Places that I must go. Divine creations and joyful bliss-ed out words and large gatherings of women; tribes uniting in joy and passion through mindfulness.

Fear + Action will carry you into your soul's desires. Your spirit can handle the fear that propels you, that makes you better.

Remember Wendy wanted to leave the nursery with Peter Pan but she was for a moment afraid to leave. And when it came time to fly all she needed to add to her passion for the adventure was a little fairy dust. Perhaps fear and magical dust work together?

What are you made of? Each ingredient is part of why your tribe will assemble around you. You can work as a partner with your fear and trust that it is no less magical than that dust you want to start sprinkling.