To The Dads

I write with a voice for women. It was brought to my attention the other day that I have some loyal male readers. Mostly they are from my network of friends or colleagues who support my work. They appreciate what I write because they are part of the story that I write. Many of my readers are divorced. Some are in new relationships. Some of my readers are struggling in marriages and looking for answers, for what to do next. I have readers who aren't married or mothers, but really amazing women at a different place in their lives. I love the diversity of all of you. I am inspired by your stories and your dreams.

You are part of the story.

Our lives weave in and out of each others. When I write something that touches the heart of another woman, often the person she sees first is her husband walking through the door. When I get off of the phone from a session with 6 women the person that is there for them to feel excited or emotional with is a child or a partner. Or sometimes she enters the silence and stillness of a sleeping house.

I am fortunate to have some amazing men in my life. Who support and guide me along this path. Who are there when I need some calming or direction. Who have taught me everything I know about WordPress.

I have been together with my husband for 17 years, lived in 3 states with him and laughed and cried through the moments that have breathed life into our time together. I have been so crazy angry at him and felt such passionate love for him.

My grandfather is 90 years old and reads every word I write. He tries my recipes. He tells me stories of dandelion greens.

I listen to the women I work with talk about their fears with the men they love. I understand.

The role of the dad is one that I am only just starting to understand through the eyes of the men in my life. This male role that is challenging and rewarding in vastly different ways than mine as mother. Pressures so different than what I feel on a daily basis. Fears unlike those I may understand. I try to open my heart and listen to what they are saying so that I may help the women who I work with deepen their connections.

I know that when I am beaming with joy Patrick feels it. When we are disconnected it is a burden that the whole family feels.

So to the dads today I say thank you. Thank you for your heart, your devotion and your desire. Go deeper and live on the edge of your comfort zone because that is where the magic is.

When we are living in our health and joy and giddy happiness for life, we can share it with those we love. We can get honest and real. We can feel the connections we all have and how profound those are for our children. Choosing to be our best selves, whether mom or dad, this is where our power lives.

What I would ask of you today, woman or man, child or adult, is that you stop and really listen. And really talk. Ask each other about your fears and dreams. Talk. Turn off the t.v. Fill your buckets with each other. The power of stepping into someone's space as they are sharing a joy or a dream or a fear is special beyond words.

Hold that space together.