Chloe and Lucas (or toe-toe and baby as Lucas calls them) were playing the other day and we realized after a while that the two of them were dressed alike. The next day, without planning it out the night before, it happened again. They were in sync. Enter my thoughts on synchronicity.

When I was at school (Institute For Integrative Nutrition) my teacher talked about synchronicity, and how the healthier we become, the more synchronicity we will experience. I'll be honest, I really didn't get it in the beginning of my training. It certainly sounded like a beautiful concept, I kept the possibility open. Synchronicity defined in Wikipedia as "the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. To count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance." Keep it open I did. I became healthier in body and mind and accepted being a mother as part of my whole self, acknowledging how much more I was. A shift was occurring and inside of that shift, synchronicity, as promised by the wise and wonderous Joshua Rosenthal, started to occur.

Early on in school, before I had connected with the women who eventually would become a large part of my life, I used to sit in different seats and try to meet a variety of people. We were encouraged to gather e-mails from other students so that we could connect with them to work on assignments. I met a woman in one of the first classes who I exchanged e-mails with and only saw one other time after that, when she told me she had passed my e-mail on to someone she had met who had grown up in RI. The Rhode Islander, Lindsay and I eventually talked on the phone and participated in an assignment together. We tossed around the possibility of meeting for lunch, but never followed through. Many weekends later, I sat down much closer to the stage (large room, 1,800 students) as my heart was longing to find other women to connect with. I sat next to a beautiful woman and as we were doing partner work, she and I started sharing details of our lives. At some point she said, "Hannah, I'm Lindsay, we did a Health History together!" Synchronicity. She was part of a group of women who I became close with in various ways. What my heart had been searching for was realized that day through the chance I took moving out of my comfort zone and into unknown.

Synchronicity. You may see it in your children, hear about it from others or have stories of your own. Keep open to the possibility. As you become healthier, it shows itself more and more as a signal to you that the path you are on is the right one.