Little Book Lunches

Day three of no t.v. and outside is what Chloe calls "a bonus day." The kind of day the kids put on their rain boots and go splashing in dirty puddles. The kind of day you don't need to put your coat, boots, mittens, hats, and scarves on. The kind of day where t.v. would just get in the way so you need something a bit special.

So Eli and I had a Little Book Lunch. We used the book, A Visitor for Bear, by Bonny Becker where Bear and Mouse end up in front of the fire sipping tea and sharing a lovely breakfast. All you need is a good book filled with food for inspiration, a recipe hidden among the pages. Children's books are full of hidden recipes. Ours was a tea party of sorts, with bread and cheese and sweet tea. We used a wonderful goat cheddar and added pears and cucumbers to our feast. A candle became our fire and we settled into our roles as Mama Bear and Eli Mouse. Our visitor was Lucas who had his own sweet milk for his lunch!

My hope for no t.v. 6 days a week is that by the time we get to Sunday we'll be having too much fun to remember we can turn it on. Stay tuned!