The first weekend at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition has come and gone and I am left in a flurry of thoughts and emotions. And for the first time in my life the flurry is focused and driven, rather than foggy and unproductive. (Thank you gluten-free life for that gift!) The classes were held at Avery Fisher Hall which is one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever had the pleasure to spend time in. The Hall was dark brown wood with gold and gold leafing everywhere, my ideal aesthetic. Filled with mostly women, we sat for three days listening, sharing and building the foundation for creating a ripple effect of change for ourselves and the world through our health and happiness. One of my favorite quotes was from Bernie Siegel, "What do women really want? A life of their own." So many of us get lost in our roles as mothers and wives, or are caught between career and motherhood that we must journey to find the life that is ours. Find our best selves. That is my goal for myself and in my business. To give women not just a life of their own, but the healthiest, most energetic and passionate life of their own. I'm on a journey for my own best life and I can't wait to meet the women who will trust in me to help them on their own paths. The ripple effect that will take place among their children and husbands and friends...WOW.

A beautiful organic restaurant where I shared some lunches with fellow
students. Among other things we had wonderful green tea
served in bowl cups and a garden
vegetable quiche made with a buckwheat crust.