'Tis the Season...


There comes a time after having a baby when you realize the weight is no longer falling off. Those last pounds are yours and all the nursing in the world isn't going to win the battle over the chocolate, the heaping teaspoons of honey in your morning (and afternoon) tea, or the little baked good addiction that has developed. Oh making milk gives us mamas such a sweet tooth.

The time for me came when I stepped on a scale today and was slightly shocked at the number before me. So the time has come and the bonus will be fitting back into some old clothes. I am getting tired of wearing one pair of jeans and yoga pants in every shade of black and gray. I'm going to be nabbed for the show "What Not To Wear" if I keep wearing gym clothes with nice tops and jewelry.

Timing is good for this since school starts in one month. One month!!!!! So today I am making 10 rules for myself and I will start Sunday. (Grocery shopping is on Saturday, ok!) I also like to sneak in a few little bites of things I'm going to miss while watching the weight fall off. Think coconut milk ice cream.

1. Drink water, kombucha and decaf green tea during the day.

2. Start the day with a big yummy protein and vege packed breakfast, along with vitamins.

3. Nuts, olives and hummus and veges for snacks.

4. Lunch eaten without a baby in my lap, must include a salad of some sort.

5. Dinner also without a baby in my lap, when I am calm and relaxed, possibly after the kids have gone to bed.

6. Glass of red wine and a piece of dark chocolate allowed.

7. Take a walk every day.

8. Pilates DVD 2x a week.

9. Remove all clothes that do not currently fit from my closet and dresser so I don't feel bad every time I look at them.

10. Dance with the kids as often as possible.

I do really well with rules. I was always a sort of teacher's pet and really could never bring myself to break them and get in trouble. So even though I call it a diet, it's a lifestyle that I've lived many times, just fallen off the wagon with all the baked goods these cold days! I am certain that the most important thing will be to eat when the baby is sleeping. Other wise I seem to inhale the food and never feel full. So eating slowly and consciously, having Eli help in the kitchen with tasks other than baking, enjoying a glass of wine with Patrick in the evening...ahhh, this will work.

I keep saying that Lucas has made us a better family. I am following routines with the kids, keeping the house clean enough to not fall apart on a daily basis and being much more present with all of the kids. Even though the extra baby weight bothers me, I also feel grown up and confident. The pregnancy was such a difficult experience for me, reaching lows I've never felt before, I can't help but feel my family just gets better as I become stronger.