Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger Event

I thought it would be fun to try this event out since there are so many amazing gluten-free sites and wonderful recipes to make. I have a crazy sweet tooth this pregnancy but my stomach really hurts when I eat most grains and sweetners . I am trying to strike a balance. Eli needs to eat like I do and naturally avoids most gluten and dairy products when we are at home. He loves my dairy and gluten-free baking so it is always rewarding pulling something new out of the oven. We tried out these amazing Oatmeal Date Chocolate Cookies from Mrs. G.F. - Recipes for a Gluten Free Life. I used the spectrum shortening instead of butter and my flour mix was sweet sorghum and quinoa which I had on hand. I really wished I had nuts because that would have been fabulous. They tasted like a trail mix cookie and I was thinking of adding coconut, flax, nuts and even other dried fruits if we ever used them as an energy cookie! (Perhaps after labor!) It is so nice to find that gluten-free baking is easy, delicious and nothing lasts long once coming out of the oven.