We were sitting around the old farm table from the 1800’s, the one I drove home on the top of my mini van from Vermont, the one that stretches eight feet to accommodate the seven of us.

It was Thursday night, pasta night. They are into spaghetti and meatballs. When you find something seven people will all eat you can let your creativity find itself elsewhere, and just keep it simple. Three kids like my tomato sauce, one likes soy sauce and one just cheese.

“Is there a moment from your week that you would love to be able to go back and visit again?” I ask them.

The girls both talked about moments from their weekend hike where it started to hail out of nowhere and jumping on hay bails commenced. Dave (my partner) also chose a moment from the hike when a bald eagle flew right over them.

Then the three boys were in cue and they asked if you could go back and change the moment, alter it in some way.

I suggested that for this question it was about a moment that was so magical or special or just so cool you would happily be in it again.

The conversation then turned and twisted as they cracked up about changing their moments and then eventually someone asked what my moment would be.

Dave said he knew exactly what my moment would be and I blushed a bit. The kids were like, “Nooooooooooo, stop it you two!”

It was my moment, the one he was referring to. And he knew it because it isn’t something we always had. And he knew it because it is something that I require deeply in relationship.

It wasn’t sexual, much to the kids relief. It is something that came after we burned everything down and I realized I had so many wantings that weren’t being met.

It was so simple and so great big.

It was the beginning of gathering my moments in a life that I was fully honoring - and allowing my great big fantastical wantings to not only be acknowledged, but, accepted.

“My moment,” I told them, “was a cuddle that Dave and I had where I was lying on his arm. I felt like I could just stay there, be there. I was so calm and relaxed.”

They ignored almost every word and went back to changing moments in time and setting up pranks for their future selves.

I got up from the table.

A year ago, I was afraid of what I would lose if my life became what I knew it could be; of what I was discovering about my worth.

I chose it anyway or maybe because of. I chose the change, I chose my becoming.

That moment of being calm and safe and adored, lying on an arm belonging to someone who could see me, BECAUSE I COULD SEE MYSELF, was my moment.

Calm and safe and adored. From the inside out.


The story of becoming inside my life while eating meatballs in the chaos of five kids and parmesan cheese flying through the air doesn’t have the romance or wildness of other stories I have told.

My stories often begin around the table, they are anchored in Thursday night pasta dinners and Saturday bowls of miso soups and Sunday breakfasts for dinner. The stories are found in the reflections of a mirror as I’ve iterated from young leading lady to the mama making her nest of a blended family, reminding herself of her sexuality and force by seeing herself. The stories are of a woman wearing a black apron in the kitchen mixing herbs into oils and praying into mugs of cocoa and cinnamon. The stories are grounded in the presence of what is while whispering of a becoming. The stories join your stories, they become discoveries and layers, they become the gathering of our moments, together.


I have logged so many hours in fear about the future and shame about the past. I would replay conversations I wished I could make different. I would find myself lost in expectations of how something should go, then deep disappointment that it didn’t. I have numbed feelings with alcohol and food and sex and spending and love addiction and social media.

I have been lost inside of my own life.

I have wanted to be small, unseen.

I have believed that if you got something good, something bad had to happen to balance it all out.

I have been shamed by others and it made me choose to be afraid. And angry.

I have lived in complete opposition to my Spirit.

I have felt unloved and undervalued.

Things looked pretty and felt like shit.

I built walls. I was playing defense. And I was living as if that was all OK. And it was until it wasn’t.

I was inside of the ugly exhausting part of iterative living - of my becoming - and it isn’t a step we can skip.


Last year, just at this time, my prayer became kindness.

I knew kindness was a superpower that shame had buried.

Last year, a decision to become sober (with not just alcohol, but all addiction) began an adventure into my great big fantastical life. A life so unbelievably, gorgeously filled with truth (which includes lots of anger and resentment along with all the magical bits).

A walk through shame, love, forgiveness, beauty, trust and the deepest devotion to knowing myself. Feeling myself.

There was space for me in this great big fantastical life that I was actively creating the moments of, and feeling, being inside of, without a fight.

In the moments, without the need to be small or make excuses or numb or blame, I could feel myself.

I could see myself.

The hike that the kids talked about over meatballs was a hike they all refused to go on. I reminded them our Sunday hikes were important family time. The woods are my temple, the ferns are my source of breath, the dirt is where I heal. My knee was too hurt for me to walk, so I told them they could go for me, to walk for me.

They came back with their gathered moments because they actively participated in creating them.


What if there were archetypes, blessings and devotionals of change to guide your year?

What if everything you are afraid of had a space to be held and transformed?

What if iterating inside of your life was found inside of your Spiritstyle, the nurturing in your kitchen and the understanding and witness of your unique magic?

What if the friendships you’ve longed for were reaching out for you?

What if you could feel space for yourself in your life?

What if your becoming was a practice of faith and choice activated by your doing?

What if weekly prompts, simple resets, could become your to-do list?

What if you could at any moment of the day be connected to voices of love and support, that repeat…I see you.

What if being in a circle with other women could teach you a new language, a language of co-creation and magic?

What if the fantastical was found in every day gathering of moments, like a walk in the woods, a steaming mug of nettles and licorice and the way you begin ritual each morning?


12 months of gathering our moments together, beginning on the April New Moon ::

  • Each month begins with a story and practice, written and voice recorded

  • A monthly video where I talk about our archetype guides, our rituals, our reset practices

  • A private group where we will gather to share our moments

  • Weekly reset prompts alternating Spiritstyle (what we wear as connected to who we want to be), Making Home (sourcing magic - guiding energy - in hearth and home) and Seeing Ourselves (photo prompts exploring who we are)

  • A monthly virtual call on a Friday closest to the Full Moon at 12:30pm Eastern where we will have an honoring ritual based on our work for that month and then move into sharing of our stories

  • Live Chats on our private group where we will explore our resets and practices

  • A Circle of magical women who speak a language we co-create, each circle is a brand new experience birthed from who came before and who now steps in

  • The option to add monthly support, possibility and challenges inside of your Great Big Fantastical Business (more on that below) where I will doula you through ideas, action, fears and change


  • Invitations to Belly to Belly gatherings just for our circle

  • A Full Moon Anointing oil created by my dear friend, Bella, from Intention Blends for you to use during our honoring rituals each month (along with a discount code Bella created just for our circle)

  • A little package filled with secret messages, surprises and your oil will be mailed after you’ve joined the circle (US only due to shipping costs, we will have a link to Bella’s oil for you and a discount code)


How will I access the work?

Everything will be delivered to your email, there is no other place to log in or find the work. I will also post a link directly on our group page thread, where you can access it the day it sends out. This will give us a chance to open our discussion and share any thoughts or feelings that come up on a group thread.

There will be an initial email on the New Moon of each month, one video and then 3 weekly emails with reset prompts around Spiritstyle, Making Space and Seeing Ourselves.

A link to join our live virtual gathering will also be sent out each month.

What is the private group?

Our private group is held on Facebook. I’d like to share why I continue to use this platform after spending quite some time searching for an alternate location.

While I realize not everyone is on Facebook, this way of gathering has proven over many years to create the most intimate way of being together virtually. I’ve spent time in other courses, on other platforms, and I looked at a few options, always returning to Facebook. For now.

The main reason is that anyone in our circle can create a post, share a picture, come on and do a live video to share and they (you) become the one who is being seen. Rather than comments being a response to a lesson or something I’ve shared, you get to stand in the center of the circle and be appreciated and honored.

The circle, the women who gather, you, are what make this time together so special. We get to know each other on a level of intimacy that I’m not willing to compromise, until I find the perfect replacement. I will keep looking and trying things out.

Many of the women who are not a fan of Facebook, join and create a Facebook account that is not attached to people in their private lives, only the ones in the circle (often they even rename themselves which can be quite powerful). This way when you go on Facebook you are only there for the group, for our circle, there is nothing else in the way of your time.

I will strongly encourage you to not use a FB app on your phone and create special times to visit our group from a computer so that this is more of a ritual than part of the addiction to apps that phones are designed to create.

Can I be part of the circle without the facebook group?

Absolutely. Many of the women who have joined past circles do so only for their own explorations. Some people who have worked within these circles for years like to continue receiving the emails but aren’t in need of the community aspect.

I encourage those who choose to walk with themselves through the year to email me if they would like to share any thoughts or responses.

Another choice is to join with a close friend or two and create your own small gatherings to talk about your practices and discoveries and create rituals together.

You are welcome to join in the virtual gatherings for a deeper experience of connection, or watch the video recordings to be able to see and hear others in circle.

When will the virtual gatherings take place?

All of the dates are listed here. They will only be changed under extreme circumstance, if health or family needs arise. We will gather on a Friday closest to the Full Moon and the gatherings will last up to two hours, each will be recorded for you to watch later.

The gatherings will take place at 12:30pm Eastern time to accommodate as many time zones as I can. All dates are listed ahead so you can plan time to attend.

I will gather some questions each month to speak to those who can’t attend live or don’t wish to speak on the calls.

April 19th, May 17th, June 14th, July 19th, August 16th, September 13th, October 11th, November 15th, December 13th, January 10th, February 7th, March 6th

I am just finishing up An Uncurated circle, how will the overlap work?

In An Uncurated Circle we will be inside of our completion month in April, which we call integration month. Some of us will be gathering for an in person retreat which we will share photos and stories from.

For those who are joining My Great Big Fantastical Life there will be a gentle ease from one into the other. April in this circle will be about getting to know each other, understanding of how the circle works, and a beginning of the rituals and practices we will be inside of.

What is the cost of the membership circle and how do payments work?

A monthly withdrawal will take place each month, once a month for twelve months, from the date you sign up. There are two membership options, My Great Big Fantastical Life, $59.00 monthly AND My Great Big Fantastical Life and Business, $109.00 monthly, which you can read more about below.

We begin April 5th, as the moon becomes New.


Let’s start with the Thursday night meatball story.

I wanted a way sexier story. I wanted a vision like my stories of the past. I tried many times to remove it and add something different. But that was the story.

That is who I am now. And my only business strategy has been, show up as you are, in what you are learning. Never pretend. If I feel it, someone else feels it. If I am not being snuggled and adored in my relationship because I can’t feel myself in my life, someone else isn’t either.

I teach from vulnerability and intuition and cleverness and love. That is how I’ll guide you.

Some of my favorite conversations revolve around marketing, money, creation, failure and success, ideas, bravery, fears and all things entrepreneurial. My partner started his own business last year and together we are raising five kids under a roof of faith and action.

It is scary, so much of the time. It is not easy. I am constantly being asked to unravel and then become, on repeat. Because this is what I’ve chosen, what my partner has chosen, we source our natural skills and talents and then figure everything else out. We spend a lot of time in the un-knowing, un-becoming.

I have been working on this circle for months. I’ve been inside of the marketing, copy, vision, frustration, hours of staring at a screen and what I call my creative bubble to the kids, just figuring it all out.

We are going to have these conversations, really talk about what it looks like, what it takes, and whatever else comes up. We are going to talk about money for real, as in, I don’t care about a 6 figure business, I care that you are putting food on the table and a roof over your head first. I was a single mom with three kids, I know how to hustle. I know how to figure shit out. I know how to be honest about how we are living with money. We are going to get honest. About all of it. Because when it (the money) comes, there isn’t some instant download of your worth.

There is no secret formula that is magically going to take you from an idea into a business. Quite possibly the businesses you admire have spent a decade or two building, hustling, working every single day - not knowing what a day off is. I began my business nursing my third child and typing with one hand, every blog post, one hand. When I was a single mom I got up at 4:30/5:00am every morning to work.

And they’ve (I’ve) done it because we want to be living in the definition of our own great big fantastical life.

And those definitions may be about as sexy as my meatball story.

Wanting to be home for kids or putting organic local food on the table or having a nervous system taxed by social interactions on a daily basis and needing safe space to work. Or, because it is the thing we can’t not do.

There is no secret formula, there is only your formula, which I believe is everything. Until it isn’t and you throw it away and begin again.

I’m going to ask you each month to take something on (like with a newsletter or social media or debt or taxes or website copy), I call them reset challenges, and together we are going to be inside of the doing together. You will design your resets, I will hold space, answer questions, guide you and show up with you and our group.

There will be a separate FB group, you’ll be part of both groups. I will hold FB Live’s where you can ask me questions each week to keep you moving forward. We will weave our Life work into our Business work.

I will share stories and ideas and offer you ways of flipping thoughts into beautiful action. I will walk you through how to trust and gather ideas while also being clever, thoughtful and using your own data to decide how and when to bring those ideas to life. And when not to.

Each month YOU, along with my support and that of your circle, will design your reset challenges to work towards the magic you are making. We will gather on a virtual call to explore options and fears and create a plan at the beginning of each month. On these calls I’ll give you some lessons and practices to explore.

We will gather the great big list of what you want and who you are willing to become for these wantings and then make a plan, make a prayer and make magic inside of our great big fantastical businesses.


when will our virtual business gatherings take place?

Our gatherings will take place once a month on a Sunday at 3pm Eastern.

April 7th, May 5th, June 2nd, July 7th, August 4th, September 1st, October 6th, November 3rd, December 1st, January 5th, February 2nd, March 1st

The number of women in our business membership will be limited to keep our gatherings and work intimate, so please make sure that you will be available for these virtual gatherings and ready to show up and invest in yourself.

What will our sunday conversations and reset planning be around?

While our conversations will be fluid and become quite directed by you, things I will talk about and prompt you inside of to begin each month are things that I encounter on a day to day flow in my business.

Relationship development/Brand development - are they different, the same, the how and why.

Social Media - we want it, we don’t, people say your follower count doesn’t matter but, does it, it sucks your time but you rely on it for growth, you just don’t freaking get it!

Money - our stories, shame for wanting it, shame for not having enough of it, what are people talking about when they say it is energy or a renewable resource, the celebration of climbing out of debt, the celebration of earning.

Envy - “they have more likes, comments, adoration, shinier websites, more freedom, all the sex, all the money, all the…” (and breathe), your envy as information, limiting beliefs collected and sorted and understood, envy as a tool you can flip.

Lists - emails of people you can reach, of ideas, of something I call magic slips, of your daily thoughts, of quotes, of pretty much anything you can make into one.

Selling - if you have a business we’ve got to talk about it, how to own it, celebrate it, honor it as part of the ritual of owning a business.

What not to say - what belongs in your journal and what belongs on social media, trusting your intuition, owning that you are going to mess up, protecting privacy of others, how kindness informs business decisions.

Why - yes, why.

Who are you willing to become, to want what you want? This is where most conversations will begin.

Can I be part of just the business membership?

You can take on as much or as little of the other parts of the circle as you like.

There is no separate way to join the business membership because for me to talk about business, I’m also going to talk about your great big fantastical life and we are going to blur the lines of life and business into one beautiful conversation.

What you learn/explore as part of the monthly LIFE circle will be part of the support system of our work in the BUSINESS circle.

What if i can’t make the sunday gatherings?

I spent more hours than I can tell you trying to decide when to hold these calls. I’ve been someone who has worked weekends since starting my business a decade ago because it was time when I could get help with the kids. Since the kids became older I started exploring the idea of not working weekends and making sure that there was dedicated time for people in my circles to spend away from the work, from social media.

I came to this day/time as the one I felt would give the MOST breathing room for people. It won’t be optimal for everyone. The Sunday gatherings are once a month, dates scheduled so you can plan ahead. I’ll be kicking my family out for some adventure to have the house quiet for us!

If you can’t make any of the Sunday gatherings, you would want to make sure you carve out time to watch them, take notes and join in on creating your personal resets. I would recommend using the Facebook group as your way of staying present with the conversation and support.


What I really wanted was someone to point me back to myself and remind me that I had the map, or at least the next steps, and trust that, while simultaneously helping me face and question and work through any blocks I’ve thrown in my own way. You are so connected to, and hold in your awareness, the way each person receives information, suggestions and approaches conversations. When you coach me you are coaching ME. - Elaine Watson


A group of women, empowered, vulnerable, present. Weird and wonderful magic femmes who exude confidence and insecurities in the same breath.

We hold each other’s truths but allow for those truths to shift and change, moment to moment. It’s a community of complexity made simple, simplicity made complex, a soft place to land, a space to fill the creative well or admit without shame that the well is dry. When I first found Hannah’s work, I knew I had found my people.

We speak a different language, my home tongue of intuition and earthy fire magic, made sense here. And the honest truth is, I haven’t felt alone since I cam here. - Alix Klingenberg


hannah is a return to the sacredness of deepest intentions. the circle returns us to kindness. hannah is a return to soul-asking. the circle returns us to touching-in inside relationship. hannah is a return to trust. the circle returns us to the reminder that just showing-up is enough. hannah is a return to receiving. the circle returns us to the gift of commitment. hannah is a return to depth reflection - “is that true?” the circle returns us to connection - with self & other. - heather cooper sellers


I circled with Hannah for a year because I needed to be in a space that understands becoming without being judged. I knew I was going to play small, overshoot, show up in process and I needed to be seen with absolute trust that I was still on path. When I wanted to hide, I needed to be in a community of women who were showing up to remind me what being seen looked like. When I needed a soft place to land and was in free fall I needed a place to post where no one would fix me but catch me.

Hannah has a very different view of life than I do - one that I need so I can give myself permission to shed, iterate, burn some things in a holy fire, and then see what's left to build from. Her invitation week after week to become, shift, grow, while creating a safe space to do so is inspiring motivating and a true gift.

I used the calls as my marker - they were my reward for showing up to my own life, doing the hard things and then I could be with other women face to face who were slaying their own dragons or trying to get out of bed. It has been a gift as a woman who seeks authenticity and transformation and community to be part of Hannah's circles. - Vikki Spencer


In your groups, I find myself showing up again and again. I suspect it's because of the tone you set. You teach everyone, through your own example, how to be present and hold space. There is this air of "no judgement, all love, just show up and we will see you, you will be safe" that draws out even the most private of people. I know it will be okay. Other people promise this, too, but then their page or their group doesn't really hold the love.

Your groups always do.

And so when I read about the offering of the circle, I knew this would be a place where I could be held through a transition that I felt was coming. And, at the same time, there is a gentle push, an urging, to hold yourself accountable, to tell yourself the truth. Encouragement to look at yourself, with both honesty and kindness. This is the best environment for true growth.

Beyond that, the friendships. Oh my goodness, the friendships. Because everyone shows up so honestly, friendships develop that have such a deep basis. We tell each other things we literally do not tell anyone else, so there is a really special bond there. We know each other in a way that our real-life best friends or partners don't know us. I know I could reach out to my circle women any time, day or night, and they will be there. I'm already dreading the end of the circle in a couple months, and hoping that those friendships continue outside of the circle as well. - Amy


The first time that I joined Hannah's circle, I was invited by a friend and didn't think I needed anything like this. I had done lots of spiritual work and had done a few psychological weekend workshops with reputable leaders, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get much out of a virtual group online.

Three circles later, I humbly proclaim how wrong I was. With each circle I've done, I've been increasingly moved - moved to action in my life, moved to honestly look at my truth, and moved by the love I feel for Hannah and the other women in the groups. She attracts amazing women! I feel like I have saved myself thousands of dollars in therapy costs while also getting to be part of a magical community.

Hannah was born to do this Work. I'm infinitely grateful to have landed in her path. - Madeline


Hannah has a way with words and offers gorgeous prompts to ponder and work with while holding a sacred space within her circles. They are a place to be seen, to be heard and to be held.

A place where I’ve explored my inner landscape along side considering how I want to show up in the world. I’ve come home to myself in many ways while also discovering new parts of myself that are ready to be born. - Rhonda


My great big fantastical life.

A year together.

Gathering moments.

It will be sexy and truthful and kind and magical.

Any questions, or message me on hannahmarcotti on Instagram