Story-telling. Magic-making. Prompt exploring. High vibration shape-shifting. Recording details in photos and words and spinning them into tellings of future becomings in the feeling world.

Spirit guiding your desire for compassion, lifting, sorting, surrender, sanguine, awakening, creating, dreaming, action, permission and the essence of your own knowing. (Which is magic.)

Inspiring women into new iterations through their story and prayer.



{an online shop and community table for stories and gathering}

... because you are the most amazing creature walking this earth.

It started with a canoe and has been expanding ever since.

We believe in our yes. In feeling safe inside of our wild. 

In showing up just as we are and knowing that we can be held. In sharing our love, our ideas and hearts.

We believe in the power of raising our collective vibration.

Because it matters. And we are so grateful.

:: magic Business Circle ::

{a 6 month course about magic, showing up, making things better, change and deep visioning}

“There are moments in our lives when someone extraordinary comes into view, bringing with them great spirit and the power of transformation. Hannah Marcotti’s deeply rooted authenticity, gentle love and soft caress, creates beautiful spaces for knowing and a safe place for revealing our most authentic dreams and wishes, guiding you toward a realization and manifestation of your true hearts’ desire.” 

:: lift up ::

{magic lake house retreats with lift up coaching and dream weaving}

The magic lake house is where prayers mix with quiet soft nights on the deck, over-looking water that holds magic fish, quiet moments and laughter that can be heard throughout the private island. It is where we create gentle, safe space for people to gather, boat, swim, eat, drink, create, dream and reconnect to their true soul whispers.

A place where we live inside the questions and trust that when we sit together in reverence and truth, the answers will find us.